Keep Runners off AdZ

It is so unrealistic and so infuriating when a runner straight blows by me on AdZ. They have routes riders can’t go on, AdZ needs to be a cyclist only route!

In real life don’t Runners generally go faster than cyclists at these gradients?


Well, in real life, Alpe d’Huez fastest time by bike is almost 15 minutes faster than the fastest run. I don’t think that’s correct in general. You can’t even run up a 13% grade anyhow, can you? That’s like a stair master at that point haha

I can’t compare AdZ across the two, it doesn’t look like there is a Strava run segment for AdZ.

I have a striking feeling (just a hunch) that Zwift does not account for gradient correctly for runners the same way it adds resistance to smart trainers for cyclists. From my understanding, all you need is some kind of foot pod to connect to Z, correct? If these people had smart treadmills that simulated anything close to this grade, that might be more believable. Since that’s impractical and a silly suggestion, I think having it be cyclists only makes more sense and really is only equitable as there are many routes that are runners only.

I checked another couple climbs and I don’t think it’s true. (Though that doesn’t necessarily mean that a given runner couldn’t beat me personally up any given hill haha)

Mt. Mitchell in NC:
The last 2.5 mi to the summit run time is 20:26
The last 4.4 mi to the summit cycling is 17:41

Straight Street in Cincinnati (0.3 mi 11.8%)
Run - 01:54
Ride - 01:43
Though close, it is a short segment and that’s a 9.7% difference.

If someone wants to run all the way to get to the base of the alpe more power to them, I can hardly be bothered to ride to the start

There are so few runners I can’t imagine them being a problem

Runners do not see any gradient effect though, no harder for them to run up the alpe than a flat road

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Is running still officially beta? They probably need to work on gradients. I guess it’s harder to make running slowly up a hill look realistic?

I find it hilarious that zwift made a running track for the runners but have ignored the years of repeated requests for a velodrome. I just zwift HQ just isn’t in to track cycling.

I think a while back there was a request either here or Facebook to toggle runners on and off so cyclists could choose to not see them. Apparently their existence annoys some people. Also hilariously ironic.


This look like the argument motorists have to get cyclist off the road, very interesting. We (cyclists) want respect on the road but can’t tolerate a runner in a game.


If running gets more popular in Zwift, imagine 5.000 runners, or more, simultaneously.
But runners right now dosnt bother me, unless they run past me when I am struggeling on a climb :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Just wait, when skiing becomes a part of Zwift, we will have to fight for places going down the Alp :ski: :ski:

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You seem to be a bit insecure mate… :rofl:


Do runners provide any drafting effect? I’m asking for a friend


Yes you can draft off a runner.


Paul, well of course I am. Why else would I be complaining :grin:

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That’s the opposite of true, Gerrie. Motorist complain that we slow them down and there’s the actual life or death aspect. I’m complaining that it’s a struggle and an achievement to climb AdZ on a bike and Zwift even rewards you accordingly with the prize wheel. Runners are not struggling in the same way at all as noted by Ward saying they see no gradient effect. So, they’re just going for a standard 10k, but get the “glory” of doing it up a 13% grade that they didn’t earn. It takes away the challenge for them and minimizes the effort for cyclists. I guess if there were KOM segments for motorists in real life and mashing the gas was an acheivement, then perhaps you’d be correct.

I’ll agree it’s slightly ironic, but how many cyclists choose to avoid bike paths because the pedestrians waddling three wide with their dogs unleashed darting in and out between them? Pedestrians / runners are just as annoying to a large number of cyclists IRL as they are on Zwift.

I’m not asking for a total ban, I think it’s a great addition and I would be interested in trying it myself… whenever they invent coasting for running :smile: I simply want some parity on a single climb in Watopia.

Runners get no reward for running up AdZ.

There are only 3 routes (2 on Watopia and 1 on NY) that are restricted to runners only.

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That’s exactly my point, Paul. There are zero routes that are restricted to cyclists only.

Zwift, it appears, may even recognize that running up AdZ isn’t a challenge, hence the no reward. Just keep them off of this one climb in all of Watopia or, alternatively, fix the gradient simulation - similar to using speed and cadence only on the bike - and make it more “realistic” and even reward runners appropriately with a nice cap or polka dot pair of shoes.

I just looked it up, if a runner want to do the Alpe he/she need to pick Road to sky and do 17km to reach the top. Wow.

Anyone running 17km on a treadmill deserve some a badge.

Maybe the runners on the alpe can pick special Alpe du Zwift kits and cheer the cyclists.



:clap: I love it.

Fix the gradient simulation calculation and give the finishers thongs, devil suits, and green man outfits (Sunny Fans?). Gerrie FTW!

I’m satisfied with that compromise. haha

Don’t drafting benefits only happen at certain speeds? So you could draft behind a runner for a split second before going through their avatar?

The cut-off is around 13% where runners gain an advantage by not carrying the weight of the bike up the hill. L’Alpe averages only 8.1%, so cyclists have a substantial advantage.

At a 7.5% grade, cyclists are about the same speed as runners are at a 0% grade.

It’s fun doing hillclimb events with both runners and cyclists racing against each other.