Bikes Passing Runners

This is a bit silly but I thought I’d share. Started using Zwift run as we bought a treadmill recently. Running you obviously get passed a lot by bikes. One thing that I’ve noticed is that the bikes will pass runners obnoxiously close. The passing distance was clearly programmed to make sense for bikes passing other bikes in a race environment, but a group ride would never split two sides of a runner on an actual street and pass inches away from each side. You should think about adjusting the program to make our two wheeled friends more polite as they are now sharing the road!

Also, I’m having a blast so far! Keep up the great work and I’ll be in excellent shape by boating season.


sorry … I just can’t resist :sunglasses: (no offence)



Hey, Zwift Run is free right now because they want feedback to make their software the most realistic experience possible. Doesn’t really affect my workout. Just figured I’d share my thoughts. I did get passed a couple times super close where it caught me off guard and then I half jumped and yelled “Hey Watch it A$$hole!” at my ipad, but afterwards I laughed and kept running.

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:thinking: fellow cyclists: while reading this post a question comes to my mind: what’s the elbow button on the companion app for and why is there only on to the right? :yum:

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When you’re running instead of biking, that same elbow button instead lets you jam a stick in somebody’s spokes! :grin::sunglasses:

I’m a biker a heart, but my runner wife talked us into a treadmill instead of a trainer, so it pains me getting passed so much!

The elbow flick is a signal to the rider behind to pull through and take the next turn to ride at the head of the group.


Also, the runners should be facing oncoming traffic.

I think they have runners and cyclist going in the same direct so there are no “head on” collisions.

Run up the Alpe du Zwift. Since runners aren’t affected by the gradient, you’ll pass loads of cyclists. :smiley: