Keep Runners off AdZ

With the number of oddities in Zwift, this is the one at the top of anyone’s list? I’m still trying to figure out why anyone would care. Could we also filter the people who are faster than me? They really annoy me. They minimize my suffering.

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Well Robert,

This is an easily fixable thing, changing the route to cyclists only, and if those people that were faster than you were faster because of a flaw in the system, then I’d say your comment would be accurate.

It appears there are at least 31 people that agree with this sentiment, but thank you for your value add comment.

I see 0 votes for your request, where are you getting 31 from?


How do you figure 31 people agree with you? I see zero votes for this change


Interesting. I hadn’t even paid attention to the vote being different from the likes to my initial request. Haven’t even noticed the vote button until you (both) pointed that out. I was referring to that number. Perhaps a feature request for the forum, clarify those two.

Either way. This conversation has now derailed from anything substantive.

To be honest, I’m not sure zwift look at this forum for feature requests anyway. If anyone has any evidence of a request happening, zwift responding to say “good idea we will get onto that” and then it happening within 5 years, I’d love to hear about it. It would give me the warm and fuzzies.



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The real issue is why runners aren’t slowed by hills, which affects the experience for runners more than anything else. Excluding them from the road is, IMHO, irrelevant. If giant dinosaurs walking along the roadway don’t bother me, fast runners certainly won’t.

For runners being slowed by hills: if the treadmill inclines, then that’s taken care of. If the treadmill doesn’t incline, then the software could apply a speed adjustment, using one of the formulas available.


Zwift has no way of telling if your treadmill inclination is changing or not.

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The Runn Smart Treadmill Sensor. sends inclination data.

There also seem to be “smart trainers” which can be controlled via bluetooth (like this one) but I’ve got no personal experience with them.

Sending is all fine - but nobody’s listening at the other end. Zwift does not handle the incline data from the (few) treadmills and sensors that broadcast it. Nor does it control the incline on the few treadmills that would allow it.

There’s been studies on how speed is affected by treadmill inclination, like this one.

So if I have a road inclination, I can calculate a theoretical speed reduction for the Zwift Road. Suppose this is 30%, so speed is 70% of normal.

Now I check the treadmill inclination. If this is the same as the road inclination, no problem. But if it differs, then I can calculate a speed reduction for the treadmill inclination. For example, suppose the treadmill is level. Then the speed will be 100% the flat speed.

So now I need to slow the pace of my runner in the game. In this example, I would multiply the treadmill speed by 70%.

Or perhaps the treadmill is inclined such that speed is theoretically reduced 15%. So speed at this inclination will be 85% of normal speed.

Then I need to adjust the runner’s speed by 70/85 = 82.3%.

So the game adjusts for differences between the treadmill incline and the road incline. For a bluetooth-controlled treadmill, where the game controls the incline, there would be no adjustment.

A further adjustment could be added for wind resistance, if there’s a model for this.

Zwift does not read this data from the very few treadmills and sensors broadcasting it. The rest falls off.

There are no such animals.

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I’m sure there are legal reasons why that type of treadmill doesn’t exist

On a bike trainer you can pedal at your own pace

On a treadmill, if it starts increasing incline, you can’t just run a little slower because the belt speed is set my the motor and not your legs.

Itd be a big liability as people may get thrown off the back of the mill as the incline increased

A possible Bond scene comes to mind… Bond running treadmill, Blofeld remotely increases incline, further and further… panel in floor opens behind the treadmill revealing a pool of hungry sharks.

That’s a good point: can’t adjust incline without compensating with a speed change. But at least Zwift could get incline from the The Runn Smart or similar and adjust runner speed to a more realistic value for the effort.

We know zwift currently doesn’t do that but if zwift wanted to then they could make it do that, or are you saying no treadmill (yet) outputs data?

I don’t buy the risk factor thing. I think they just haven’t gotten around to it. Running is still free.

We’ve gone from banning runners on AdZ to developing a feature-set for treadmills that have a marginal presence on the market. Solutions in search of problems.

I got run past on my bike up a 13-15% grade in Tuscany in brutal heat. Not funny but then he turned and ran down and I carried on another 7km to the top and did 60km.

I’ve run past cyclists IRL too. It is a game though right. Does it even matter?!