Everesting for runners

Hello. I love the Zwifting experience so much as a runner that I purchased a bike and trainer so I could explore riding on Zwift as well. I started a few weeks ago and it is just as much fun on wheel as it is on feet.

It would be awesome if runners had a way to start at the bottom of Alpe du Zwift and be able to teleport from the finish line at the top right back to the bottom so we could do that Everesting challenge that riders do. And once we finish, it would be terrific if there was a polka-dotted jersey or cap that we could keep forever to inspire others to try it, too.

Thank you for your consideration.

But Zwift doesnt change the incline on your treadmill, so how could you verify that someone is not just running on 0% incline?

I gotta say, as a cyclist, when climbing a big hill on Zwift and a runner goes flying past you, it is pretty demoralizing. Runners aren’t artificially slowed down on hills in Zwift like cyclists are.

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Did you notice you can draft Runners. :rofl: :joy:


That really helps the motivation doesn’t it! :upside_down_face:

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The Runn device which monitors elevation and speed also shows elevation/incline data on Strava.

I’ve not drafted runners, but I’ve plowed over several. It was horrifying.