Getting re-routed off course on routes during group rides and meet-ups

I did the SZR Early Birdies and SZR Sunrise Ride yesterday and got re-routed on both rides. On the first ride I took left leaving the start pen instead of right like the rest of the riders (Electric Loop). And on the second ride I went left to the Tidepool sprint instead of straight on (Country to Coastal). On both rides I got in the start pen just before the start of the ride, 10-20s before start.

Zwift ver 1.42.0 (113138) IOS 16.5.

Thanks Maria (and sorry) - I’ll let you and others know if we need any extra information.


This re-routing is also happening on workouts. When you pick a route the game is going off that route on its own. Today for example I was doing a custom workout and picked Triple Flat Loop but the system took me throughTitan’s Grove first and then began going through Triple Flat Loop as expected the second time through.

This same thing happened on Wednesday during my workout as well but the re-routing happened at the end of the workout I was doing.

I didn’t do any manual routing to correct so if needed you can always view the ride if need more details. Also be glad to help out any way I can if needing beta testing done.


Steering device paired or not?

Sterzo was connected.

Yep, still seems to be happening.

iPad user (no steering) on the AHDR bagel rolls on 6/17 just got turned off despite being with us from the start (possible last second late join; their distance was the same)

This time happened in downtown Neokyo on Wandering Flats

She rejoined; and it happened again…

Requested to said user to check and make sure their app is updated; will continue to watch for it.

In the time since the latest release I have been routed off course several times when following a robo pacer. Specifically, I have been within a couple of meters of volcano circuit bot, which I joined on initial ride start, after the major uphill, instead of turning left I am routed up the volcano climb. In Makuri I have been unrouted in the same manner. I join a specific pacer on a specific route and then I do not turn when the group turns. (I have ensured I have not pressed an arrow key nor have I inserted a manual steer.)

Yes, it is still happening. All the latest public updates and connected to Sterzo. On second lap of the Volcano Circuit it rooted me to Italian Village and beyond.

I’ve also had this happening to me lately after the recent updates. I also use a Sterzo and I worked out that it is being caused by the changed turn selection sensitivity. Previously, you had to turn max to register a turn when approaching an intersection. Now, any small steering movement changes the direction, so I have been unintentionally taking wrong turns. I reported this and I believe James_Zwift is investigating.

Yep we’re still looking

It is still happening. For me I am not using a steering device…where i pick to ride I am taken to the Italian Village and given a tutorial of how zwift works. Last night 2x…again! I am just about done on this app. It is ridiculous. It is an obvious issue, that is going unaddressed by the Zwift folks.

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Hi @Bike_King, you have a unique situation affecting your setup. I sent you a DM regarding how we can address this.