Getting message that I am either pro cyclist or my equipment is faulty

I still use one of the oldest classic trainers. It has happened twice now that the rides all of a sudden seem super easy with almost no resistance despite me putting my bike on high gear.

The first time it happened inflating the back tire helped but now it is happening again and I cannot seem to find the problem.

The message I get from Zwift is something to the effect of: " You have either missed your calling and should have been a pro-cyclist or your equipment is faulty." :slight_smile:

Any help/ assistance/ advice would be appreciated.

it’s likely your trainer, there isn’t much else it could be (i’m assuming it’s not a smart trainer)

Correct - very old classic trainer

Which trainer is it? If it’s a fluid or magnetic trainer, the resistance unit may have failed. If you’re happy with that type of trainer, they can often be found for $10-20. I just gave one away a few weeks ago.

It’s a Cycleops Fluid 2 - already 2nd hand purchased about 3 years ago… maybe time to upgrade … thanks!

Looks like the fluid can be replaced, but my feeling is it’s probably not worth the trouble unless you really feel like saving it or can’t find a replacement that fits your budget.

I had a Cycleops Fluid 2 which did the same, fortunately I bought it through Wiggle so could prove the purchase and they sent me a new resistance unit for free.

I switched to a kickr about 7 years ago and then a Neo about 18 months ago.

You will see a huge difference if you switch to a “Smart Trainer” and it does make the experience a lot more fun.

There are some good options out there to suit most budgets.

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Thanks Paul,

Going to look into it. I wanted to get a Smart trainer a while ago but then this one worked fine again… might do this now finally.

Zwift just came out with a direct drive smart trainer which if it is your budget range is worth checking out - there have very good reviews of it. there is one on bikerader to see.

Thanks Alan, This is very informative. Will look into finally moving to a “Smart Trainer.”

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