Getting kicked on every race I make

I’m having problems with all races I make. I’m getting disqualified authomatically showing me a message asking me if I’m a pro or if I have my weight and height well. The thing is that I’m using zwfit power. But with 55 kg its seems that the w/kg are elevated. I have it all set up like zwift support.


Hi @Alejandro_Juan_7649

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Can you post a picture of your paring screen.

What trainer are you using?


I’m using a roller tranner (Elite Arion) with cadence, velocity and HR.

It does not look like you have the trainer paired?

Can you pair the speed and cadence sensor then post the picture.

You should be able to pair as a Power Source if you have the Digital Smart rollers.

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Maybe @Federico_Gualdi can assist, I think he has the same rollers and was having issues as well.

Hey! Are you using an android device? What Is the brand of your sensors?

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Im running zwift on a Samsung Galaxy S9(ANDROID)

And the sensors are Garmin

My rolles isn’t smart

Ok i think we have the same exact setup (Elite Arion + Garmin sensors). Are you pairing them with bluetooth or ant+?

Cadence and Speed with ANT+ and HR with BT

In the pairing screen if you start pedaling you see correctly the cadence and Speed data? Or It says 0 in both?