Garmin Vector 3

Recently came into possession of a Garmin Vector 3 single-sided power meter pedal(s) and am seeing all sorts of mixed reviews/results when it comes to Zwift. Although I’ve seen that changing the battery seems to be a pretty consistent solution, I’m wondering; I have a Garmin Forerunner 745 watch, would I be fixing any connectivity issues if I were to pair it directly to my watch and then pair that to Zwift? Does that make sense and would that even work?

Mmm, given the Vector is both ANT+ and Bluetooth enabled, I’m not sure you’d gain any advantage pairing to your Forerunner.

I can tell you what I do though: I “dual log” my rides on a Garmin watch (or bike computer) and Zwift, and I don’t link my Zwift and Garmin accounts. Instead, I save the activity in Zwift, then Garmin, after which I edit my distance, time, and elevation gain in the saved Garmin activity. This way, I bypass any possible sync issues, and I get all the physiological metrics in Garmin which aren’t captured by Zwift. (note: I also wear a dual ANT+ & BLE heart rate strap that, like the power meter/trainer, sends data to both recording devices at once)

What connectivity issues are you trying to solve?