Cannot pair Vector 3 pedals to Zwift


I have both vector 3 pedals and an Elite Direto. I have used both together in the past where the garmin pedals provide power and cadence and the direto is the controllable.

This morning i was able to see under power sources as usual both the direto and the vectors, as well as the current power numbers being produced by both, but zwift would not connect to the vectors. When i clicked on the vectors it would just revert back to the screen where i could select either the vectors or the direto.

This is on Apple Ipad with latest firmware and Zwift latest update. The pedals are on latest firmware and not connected to any other app (and disabled bluetooth on my phone)

How can i get the vectors to be my power and cadence source again?

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Thanks for reporting this! 

Since the Vectors are showing up in the search results, I’m thinking it’s probably not an issue with the pedals being paired to something else. I’d like to have a look at your log files - they give us a play-by-play of the pairing process. 

I’ll be creating a support ticket for you - keep an eye on your inbox!



I have the same problem here with Kickr and Vector 3 using iPad too.  Zwift can detect vector 3 as a power source option in the drlopdown menu and also the V3 current power output.  But once I tap on V3, zwift takes me back the first page.  


Through trials and erros though, I discovered that once I unpair the right pedal using my garmin headunit via ANT+, Vector 3 can be connected to Zwift via BLE.  I’m not sure if I’m getting 2x the left pedal power output or the sum of both left and right pedal as Vector 3 is designed to function.  


I’d be interested to see what you guys find out here.  Thanks.  

Same problem here, Vector 3 with the Tacx Neo smart trainer using the Apple TV 4K.

I am having the same issue on my Vector 3S when trying to connect to Zwift on my iPad or iPhone. at the selection screen for power it recognizes the pedal and power reading but when I hit ok it tries to connect and then drops back to the 1st selection screen with the Power and Speed selection icons.

Also having problems on my MBP using Bluetooth

Whats really strange is that it was working on the ipad but then dropped the connection when I stopped pedaling for a moment in the middle of a ride and now it won’t connect again. I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting the pedals 10 different ways including reconnecting using the Garmin connect app and directly through Zwift. pulling my hair out! Please help 

I cant say for sure as it updates automatically for me.

Hey all, this issue has been fixed in a future update! No ETA but we’ll keep you posted. It should be relatively soon. 

Not sure as I just bought the Vectors and update occurred to my zwift when I loaded it.