Apple TV Zwift Companion Bluetooth Issues

Hey Guys,

I’m having a bit of a nightmare when it comes to using the ZC for Bluetooth connectivity when using the app through Apple TV.

Here is my set up:

Cadence - Elite Direto X
Control - Elite Direto X
Power Source - Garmin Vector 3S
Heart Rate - Polar

So here is the problem. I understand the two connection limitation with Apple TV.

I want to use my Garmin power meter as it is more accurate than the Direto X (getting the Direto accurate is a whole different headache).

So pairing the 3S and the Direto to Zwift on the Apple TV via Bluetooth, no problem.

But if I want to use a heart rate monitor, I need to use the ZC (iOS) but the app never detects a bluetooth connection.

I’ve checked the ZC is on the same network as my Apple TV. I’ve ‘forgotten’ all previous connection within my iPhone Bluetooth settings. But the app its self wont decet my bluetton hear rate monitor.

Furthermore, another buggy issue is that when I do try to connect via ZC, Zwift tells me that both my heart rate monitor and power source (Garmin Vector 3S) have ‘no signal’. However my Elite Direto seems connected (I presume though the Apple TV Bluetooth, so does this mean both my HR monitor and 3S are trying to connect via the app???).

It’s not a blocker for me, I just have to ride without HR. But I do want to know my HR so it would be nice to workout what is going wrong here.

Any help anyone?