Garmin Forerunner 920XT

How to connect the Garmin Forerunner 920XT Multi Sport Heart Rate Monitor to the Zwift?
He’s not matching the cardiac belt.

Not sure what you mean, the 920XT does not have a built in HRM.

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The 920XT can come with a couple different HRM straps. The ones I know of (HRM-Swim and tri) function as a standard ANT+ HRM (when not underwater) so depending on your zwift device you may just need a USB ANT dongle.

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If you are using the HRM Tri (which I take as being the described ‘Multi Sport Heart Rate Monitor’), then it won’t sync with Zwift because it’s ANT+ and not Bluetooth ready.

You can either go with Brad’s recommendation, or you buy a HR monitor strap that is Bluetooth compatible, such as the Viiiiva 4iiii.

Note: a USB ANT dongle will work with a laptop or PC, not with a tablet or phone.

I can’t comment on Apple products but:

FYI. Many Android devices that don’t already have ANT+ built in, do support USB ANT+ dongles.

There are many other tutorials out there as there are quite a few steps and it is more complicated than a usual ap instalation. I remember seeing posts elsewhere in this forum regarding configuration. Also you loose your USB port for charging without adding additional adaptors. For some users I will admit that just buying a Bluetooth HRM is likely easier.