Garmin Fenix data link to Zwift

Regarding HR, i use a Garmin Fenix 6s & used to use the Wahoo HR belt to link to Zwift but it didn’t read correctly so I stopping using the belt.

One day I found that Zwift was picking up HR directly from my watch which made me very happy. I ran on the treadmill & it picked up HR, speed etc through my watch. Zwift read my one & only run. Then I updated my Zwift app on the 18/10 & my HR didn’t appear anymore and the run wouldn’t read any watch details. What is wrong? When can I do to fix it?

Hi Kate, welcome to the forums.

You will want to select Virtual Run activity on your Fenix 6. That causes it to broadcast in BLE so your Zwift app can then pick it up. For it to have worked in the past, you will have paired it so you may have to do that again.

I just found Zwift’s guide here - no idea if it works but looks like the same process I’ve followed in the past.

You can also broadcast from the Fenix with ANT+ but that’s different method again.

As above the virtual run option will do this. It’s relatively straightforward.

If you only want HR then hold the power button (top left). Within that menu you have Broadcast HR. Turn this on and it’ll transmit your HR so Zwift can read it.

Once you’ve paired in the virtual run option remember to calibrate your watch with Zwift to get you better accuracy.
At the end of your run you can calibrate and save where you put in the distance of the treadmill compared to your watch and this will again improve accuracy.

If you noticed that Zwift can find your Fenix as HR Source, then it means you have set once already HR Broadcast.

It could happen after an update, if you are part of the beta program for example, that this setting would be deactivated even if you activated it yourself, so you should reactivate it.
Once HR Broadcast is active, it is also available in every activities, so it broadcast in cycling, running, HIIT, weight workout, etc.

I’m not using the optical sensor during a workout because it won’t be as precise as a HRM, and shows very lower HR as what you really have. Plus can’t handle quick variations, etc etc etc…

Also, you don’t have to use Virtual run, you could also use treadmill, but this depends what kind of TM you have, if you have a pod like a Stryd, etc etc. In that case no calibration is even needed :slight_smile: