Link HR from Garmin Fenix 6 to Zwift Mobile via BLE

Hi there, I know my question seems to be a classic one but I haven’t find the exact question I am asking here.

Running on the treadmill, i have my shoe pod Zwifing on iPhone and want to know my HR.
I have the HRM Run Garmin which I know is ANT+ compatible. So it won’t work unless a dongle.


I have my FC at my wrist and I don’t understand why my Watch which ise BLE, can’t send the data to my iPhone.

I have found in garmin forum the “Broadcast HR”, i have try the one with the black screen supposed to broadcast the HR and also tried the “always send HR during workout”
Neither of this work.

Any clue ?


The Garmin watch ONLY broadcast HR in real-time using ANT+.

I would suggest getting a dual-band chest based HRM like the Wahoo Tickr or Garmin Dual. Chest based HRM are far more accurate than wrist based.

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okay thank you

I’m probably not in the majority but the Wahoo Tickr HRM will NOT stay in position when I run. I can only use it on the bike. Very disappointed as I have tried everything I can to make it stay in place but within minutes during a run the HRM is around my belly…