Garmin Cadence Sensor - No Data

I’ve seen this addressed before, but all the answers seem to be from 3 years ago…

I’m trying to use a Garmin Cadence Sensor with my iPad, but while it can easily connect with either of the two Bluetooth pairings, no data comes through. No RPM, no nothing. Just “Connected.”

Maddeningly, I DID get data for a single ride. … but I have no idea why, what was different, or how to make it happen again.


Thanks for any help!

Hi @Jared_Brockmeyer welcome to Zwift forums!

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Couple of questions for you:

Q1: Which model of Garmin cadence sensor do you own? Current models broadcast in both Bluetooth and ANT+. Older models used to broadcast only in ANT+ because Garmin invented the ANT+ protocol. Would like to make sure you have a current-gen model because iPhones and iPads do not support ANT.

Q2: I peeked at your server logs and noticed you’re logging into the game from an iPad13. I noticed that you log in, ~ 1 minute passes, and you log in again. What’s missing in between is a log out event generated when you save & exit the game (or save & trash).

This step is crucial to terminate your session - if you don’t, the server thinks your first session is still open, and weird symptoms like your cadence signal not being available to pair, or your avatar not moving, etc, etc. can happen.

Please try the following:

    • Reboot the iPad.
    • Wait 2 minutes for the server to recognize you’ve ended your previous session.
    • Log in to Zwift and pair devices. Do all the signals appear?

If no - when’s the last time you put a fresh battery in that cadence sensor?