Garmin 245 HR connects but drops when running

Hi there, I hope that someone can help.

I use a Garmin 245 watch for HR and RunCline for speed (Bluetooth treadmill).

I am using the Treadmill setting on the Garmin (don’t want to use Virtual Run as I want to track effort on Garmin too).
On the Connection screen, my HR is shown however when I go into Zwift, my HR is shown as zero.

When I use the watch on other devices e.g. my rower, they retain the connection to the watch, so I don’t think there’s any issues with the Bluetooth.

If anyone has experienced this or similar and has suggestions, I’d love to hear from them.

Cheers, Nigel


I’m afraid your watch doesn’t transmit HR over Bluetooth the way you are using it. You can do it via Virtual Run which will also upload to Garmin Connect.

Hi Stuart, I’m sure that it has worked in the past.

I’ve just tried connecting it to RunCline and getting that to pass the message through to Zwift.

As I stand here typing, it looks like it might be working again.

I will try on “runinthepark” in the morning and report back.

Fingers crossed!

Right, new hot off the treadmill. The answer is… “it tries”.

Connected up this morning, HR connected to RunCline as did Treadmill for speed.
Tracking steadily through “RunInThePark”, accurate from watch to Zwift. My HR was holding steady after about six minutes - I was impressed, my training obviously helping. About the 10 minute mark, checked my watch - I was higher. I’m wondering if something (either RunCline or the watch) dropped the ball when things got a bit busy.
If anyone’s bored enough, my Garmin data is on Strava and Zwift is on Zwift!

I’m going to stick with it at the moment, continue testing and see if Pascal has any ideas.

I will also do a test run and see if it does send to Garmin connect from a Virtual Run. I was under the impression that it ignored the data.

Many thanks, Nigel.

I have an explanation for how it used to work, and a solution!

Before moving to RunCline, I used a Ant+ Footpod and HR from my Garmin 245.

I have re-inserted the Ant+ Dongle. set my watch to re-broadcast HR over Ant+.

Treadmill connected using RunCline, HR straight from the watch it’s all looking good.
Done a Training session early this morning and it tracked all of the way through. Good to retain the Training analysis from Garmin (which is lost if you do a “Virtual Run”).

I feel like my numbers are coming together now. I am very impressed with RunCline (over iOS) - so good for the Treadmill display to match Zwift.
Garmin distance is a bit off (even after calibration), but that’s OK.
Next step is to Calibrate my Treadmill. Next week maybe!

Thanks for the suggestions, hope this helps someone else.