Game Update: Oct 1, 2019

I would appreciate if personal records for sprints, KOM and rides were left on instead of being only 30 day PR’s.



The language is English so most understand. Everybody here writes in English,?

Love zwift and what your doing. Can you add mountain rides to the places that unlocked at different times during the month?

For what it’s worth,

Dusty Dehare

It’s not giving me the option to go on mountain bike trail.

Read this:

Do you guys have a Demo video of someone at Zwift using the steering? Seems like a lot of stress on the front end trying to steer your bike when it’s stationary.

Darrick Bissell - TFCdarrickbissell

Why hasn’t Zwift changed how we enter races yet? For example, if one is a Cat. A on Zwift power why would they have the functionality to race in the C’s? Each rider should only be able to enter their own category when it comes to races. That would eliminate the sandbagging issues that skew race results.

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Are the new route achievements for cyclists only? I see a heading for Route Achievements on my Badges screen, but it’s empty.

Thanks Jon, I love the steering feature and mtb - I did notice that when I said no to steering calibration it dumped me back on the road and lost my ride (previous) and set me to 0km. This was on ATV.

Yay finally

Austin Taylor

Please listen to your customers and fix that which has been requested and not things you think is cool to implement I for one will not be using the steering feature as it has no training benefit for me, thank you.



Agree with many of these posts. W/kg would be great, as would having an average w/kg for the whole ride, would help with pace.


How about UI mods so users may add and/or move info - like any game nowadays.

BTW - steering? Really?

And finally - Good job on the memory hungry textures!


The fact that they don’t reply on the comments does not mean they don’t read it. Do you think anybody will read this post from top to bottom (I guess @Paul_Allen does and I did so far… LOL) with requests all over the place. Views and comments get counted so if the topic title is “We want xxx” and it has 200 views and 123 comments then it will attract the most reaction.

That is why I suggested to go to the relevant topics and spark the discussion and vote for it.


Tried the new route today. It was actually quite a lot of fun even though I was not very good at it on the first attempt. I used an old Tacx Fortius front end as my steering apparatus and it worked quite well. One wish for the future would be to be able to set and test the steering sensitivity in the settings menu.
Keep up the great work.

This is very interesting to know, I wonder if there is any other steering interface that will work?

After this update, my Apple TV screen resolution has gone small and down to the left, not sure how to remedy this… Any help pls…

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Follow this thread to see if you find answers to your issue: Apple TV 13 only using lower left corner of screen


You may find the turntable riser to be effective. I used it with the steering on Zwift and it worked quite well for me.