Game Update - March 27, 2020

Hey Zwifters, our latest update is now available on all platforms. With so many people impacted by the events going on we’re seeing a bump in usage that I’m sure everybody has noticed. Our team is constantly monitoring the service to make sure things stay up and healthy, and so far it has been fairly stable. We truly hope Zwift has helped people stay more connected than they otherwise would have been during this time, and we will continue to strive to make things even better in the future.

With that, we’ve got a few things of note in this release:

  • Added support for upcoming special events
  • Added Pinarello F12 to Drop Shop (Level 29 required)
  • Added support for April Ride and April Run mission
  • Temporarily reduced Jungle and Alpe du Zwift level restrictions to Level 5 and Level 6 respectively, to allow more people to give it a try
  • Updated new user tutorials for certain user types
  • New users are now prompted to customize their avatar during first ride or run
  • Birthday and Gender now cannot be changed once set in-game
  • Bluetooth FTMS spin down re-enabled for certain trainers
  • Tweaked Ride Leader Fence functionality and added telemetric for further investigation. We will be testing this feature in select group rides.

We’ve also integrated dozens of smaller fixes into this release, but as always if you see anything that seems like a brand new issue please mention it in the thread below and we’ll investigate it. Stay safe and Ride On.

The Team at Zwift


I bought a wahoo kickr this week with the intention of using zwift to do group rides and most importantly race. I’m able to login but whenever I sign up for a race either in the zwift app, zwift companion app, or on my laptop computer on zwift website, I am never prompted to join the race after entering the ride world. This is EXTREMELY frustrating. I have attempted to join dozens of races and have NEVER received the join race prompt from the riding world. I have deleted/re-installed apps, used multiple devices (iphone X, Macbook Air 2019, Macbook Air 2014). No matter what I do I never see the “join race” prompt. I have submitted my logs to Zwift customer service and discussed this issue over the phone but have still not heard of any solution. At this point, VERY DISCOURAGED AND FRUSTRATED AND WILL both inquire about money back AND will HIGHLY DISCOURAGE ZWIFT to anyone and everyone unless this issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.


Can you specify which trainers, and how to make that work?


I think this is the list:

Wahoo all models
Elite Suito
Elite Direto
Elite Direto X
Kirk Kinetic
Kirk Kinetic R1
Tacx Flux
Minoura Kagura
Minoura Kagura LSD

EDIT: all platforms EXCEPT Android


Does this mean that children can now ride at their real weight? Zwift hype seems to be suggesting that.


I set up a meetup & was unable to join my own meet up event.


“fairly uneventful,” that’s really disingenuous. With the uptick in usage users are having difficulty logging and once in staying connected without being dropped. If it was uneventful you never would have taken any measures for the uptick in users. Your statement has a scent of horse manure.


Can I volunteer to test the fence with the MGCC Bage tomorrow morning?


This update is a joke yes…Of course April Fools. When is the proper update coming out. Still no UI, no new roads, routes, everything. We’ve had nothing since Crit City. I’m an ardent supporter of zwift but with regards to updates we seem to be going backwards. Decent updates and new features have dropped off a cliff.


I love Zwift! Thank you guys and gals for always making improvements! XOXO!


Thanks Jon.


You need to be riding otherwise the prompt doesn’t show up.


I enter zwift my bike changes!! I use road, and put me a mtb. I actualize. I dont know how to arrange that definetely.


Nice to see a link for the patch notes in the companion app. Nice work. The system has been great given the new stresses. 24,000+ concurrent users is great!


I’ve used Zwift for 14 months, never had a problem! Thanks Zwift!!!


Enter the Absa Cape Epic Mission from the main menu and uncheck the Auto equip Scott Spark RC.


I have been riding and the prompt STILL does not show up.


Thanks For all your hard work Zwift! Stay safe everyone!


Always ahed :fist:t3::slightly_smiling_face: