Game Update - March 27, 2020

I am currently level 21 and have enjoyed every minute on Zwift! Look forward to the updates and the challenge of more levels!


When are we going to get a decent mountain climb 2000m+ to have a go at?


I’m thankful for Zwift. True social distancing! Haven’t had any issues with capacity. Great work keeping everything going with 20k plus riders at once.


Mi piacerebbe che il programma scrivesse le cose nella lingua del Paese di appartenenza dello zwifter, io somo Italiano e negli allenamenti il programma scrive in Inglese e non si capisce .


The support team is great and helped me out a ton when I first started. Give them a call and stay cool.


You don’t think any of those connection issues could be related to the general increase in internet congestion, internet provider capacity issues, last mile wiring, increased wifi congestion in densely populated areas such as apartments buildings? I personally think there are a lot of things that could be causing connection issues that have nothing to do with Zwift, but lie between them and their customers. It’s kind of like people overloading an electrical circuit, tripping a breaker, then blaming the electric company for crappy electricity.


Birthday and Gender now cannot be changed once set

Really? What about family subscription or more profiles in one account? Is that such problem? :joy:. Now it doesnt make any sence to pay for it as I share it with my girlfried.


Carbon error? :wink:

I have had this bug for some time now: When I enter start box for a ride or race, my bike change to Trek Madone with Zipp 808. Whatever I used during warm up, I find myself on a Trek Madone. I change the bike before race begin, and from my own perspective it looks like that succeeds. But - for everybody else to see I am riding a Trek Madone during the ride or race. Last week I raced in Jungle circuit. Warm up on MTB, then enter startbox. Find myself on a Trek Madone, and change back to MTB. In race I change view to confirm that I am riding a MTB, but on streaming of the event… I am riding that damn Trek Madone… in Jungle Circuit where that is about the worst choice of bike. I don’t know if Zwift is calculating speed based on the bike that I see (MTB) or the bike that my sorounding see (Trek Madone).


Hi Jonathan, I had similar issues. My fix was…
Accept to ride anywhere so on screen you are on your bike at the side of the road. Using Companion App, find the race or ride you want, select the grade button, immediately I get the option come up bottom left of main screen. If that doesn’t work then yes you have an issue.


Just tried it on my Elite Direto X. Works great! Thank you!


I super appreciative of all the Zwift Admins, ride leads, and fellow Zwifters. All of you make my experience enjoyable even when I am on the Epic KOM and the Alpe! Thank you very much for your work, This MS rider is getting better with every pedal stroke! Ride On and be well everyone!!!


Did you use the same account info, email address, etc. when signing up on the companion app?

Same thing here

That’s a pity. I have been using Zwift since beta testing and it works perfectly almost all this time. I hope you get your issue resolved, it really is a great platform for social riding indoors and serious training. I would definitely recommend it.


Hi, I am another light rider 57kg that has problems holding the pack in flat races at 270-300W around 5,0W/kg how’s that possible? Can’t progress from the back of the group and in the downhills heavy riders barely pedal while we need to hold 4,0W/kg. Uphills are better, but not enough after the huge effort during the flat and knowing that in the first 15’’ of the next downhill we are going to be neutralized.

Graphics are good, but what about the basics of cycling? This is made just for track heavy riders, even climing W are more important than weight. I was hoping that some update will balance the things a bit. In real if you are drafting the difference from the front and mid back is around 50-70W. How’s possible that at same W/kg the front breaks away from people drafting? Please review that and powers from no smart trainers, some of them get assigned powers +100W by the algorithm.

Will really appreciate a spot for light riders. [Neo 2]. Thanks.


thanks!!! I did it!!! Best Regards, from Argentina!!


Jan, don’t be a cheapskate, just get her an account too. Zwift is designed to create stats for one person. The other issue I presume will be guys wanting to ride womens events etc. There will always be cheaters this rule is to reduce them.


Zwift Team thanks so much for your great work. Zwift is fantastic, but at this challenging time when my stress & anxiety levels have been through the roof Zwift has been incredible! It’s the highlight of every day for me. Thanks again :blush:


Thanks Jon, can’t believe the number of people on the platform now, and it’s still so stable. Been here since the beta days of Jarvis and am loving and appreciating it more every day at the moment. I guess some people have short or non existent memories and don’t recall a 100k turbo ride pre Zwift before all the social interaction. It’s been such a positive force for people who want to remain active in the current environment: a huge thanks from me for all your work.