Game Update - June 15th, 2021

Did an update on Windows about an hour ago. It included 2 new routes with badges on Makuri Islands: Suki’s Playground and Kappa Quest Reverse.


Yeah, did a an article on it if anyone is interested, new workouts and bikes too. Zwift July 2021 Update Released – Pursuit Cycling For Kids.


HHhhmmmm just applied an update, must be this one. On PC, now Zwift crashes on load with ‘hit a roadblock’ error. There is a thread on this, I’m not alone.
I’m trying a reinstall to see if it helps…no, didn’t help. Zwift on my PC and others broken.
Nothing in Windows Event Viewer, I just get a ‘we hit a roadblock error’ and zwift closes. :unamused:

Mac seems to be working…

Working on android, using that as a backup, but windows not so.

Thinking the same :frowning: