Game Update - June 15th, 2021

Did an update on Windows about an hour ago. It included 2 new routes with badges on Makuri Islands: Suki’s Playground and Kappa Quest Reverse.


Yeah, did a an article on it if anyone is interested, new workouts and bikes too. Zwift July 2021 Update Released - ZRace Central.


HHhhmmmm just applied an update, must be this one. On PC, now Zwift crashes on load with ‘hit a roadblock’ error. There is a thread on this, I’m not alone.
I’m trying a reinstall to see if it helps…no, didn’t help. Zwift on my PC and others broken.
Nothing in Windows Event Viewer, I just get a ‘we hit a roadblock error’ and zwift closes. :unamused:

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Mac seems to be working…

Working on android, using that as a backup, but windows not so.

Thinking the same :frowning:


I’m getting " sorry we seem to have hit a roadblock… " message aswell.
Have you managed to overcome it yet

Hi all, I’m getting this message too. Have tried deleting my internet history, deleting the app and all its files and downloading fresh - and still nothing.
Any solutions from Zwift?

I had achieved this 100 km/hr badge but it’s not appearing on my extra badge achievement slot? This an error?

Not sure if this is related to this update or not but when I exit one ride and start a new one my avatar isn’t pedalling. The cadence is displayed so it is recording it.

I use my power meter to measure cadence, if I select the trainer it starts pedalling again and then I can switch back to the power meter and that works again.

I hadn’t exited and done another ride without exiting then whole thing for a long time so might have been happening for a while.

It’s so stressful to me having a U-turn button on my hoods. I accidentally pressed it during a pace partner ride and lost them. When I do long routes to get achievements, all I’m thinking about is accidentally hitting it 50 miles into the ride and losing the achievement. As Jorg says, it would obviously be so much more useful if the button functioned like the arrow keys on a keyboard. Press the button to toggle through the directions, and hold it for 3 seconds to activate a u-turn. Most importantly, make this button optional, so I can turn it off when I don’t want to be accidentally turning and ruining my routes, achievements, and staying with a group.