Game Update - February 23rd, 2021

No fence fix yet then.

This is slightly underwhelming. No offence to you guys, the devs, testers, BAs etc. who are no doubt working very hard.

Is there any update on when we might see something developed and released for any of the following?

  1. The strategy for anti-sandbagging. Is the beta functionality that has been out for almost a year now going to be scrapped or rolled out wider? If the former, can we not just restrict entry based on recent best performances over a limited time?

  2. Has there been any thought on matchmaking / rankings for racing?

  3. UI customisation - even the basics would please most people. It’s stuff bike computers have been doing for decades, but surely easier as the data is already there - it’s just cutting it in different ways.

  4. Clubs / meet up functionality - results, setting your own sprint / KoM banners, mini leagues / tables against friends, elimination races, handicap starts etc etc etc. So much could be done here in terms of empowering the mini communities and friend groups that power Zwift on top of the more established ride organisers.

  5. TTT improvements - i.e. the ITT starting pens, not drafting other teams etc. Also being able to just send messages to your team or club mates. Rode my first TTT a few weeks ago and it was brilliant fun, but the start felt so shoddy.

Any reply or update on any of these - even if that it’s never happening - would be great.



Looks like a great release. Seems like the number of changes, speed of fixes is increasing, assume partly cos of recent investment / recruitment drive.

Keep up the good work


When will watt output be correctly synced between Zwift and companion app?

Posts 105 and 106 back to back is outstanding.


Yes! I solved it by making sure all other apps on the ATV are closed.

What about my Bluetooth connection which keeps dropping out as I cross the start line of a race?

Hi @Angie_Kantola welcome to Zwift forums

When’s the last time you put fresh batteries in the PM5 unit? Have you a spare set you can try to eliminate dying batteries as a possible cause?

We have a Support Hub article on the Concept2 + PM5 that asks to check if the PM5 is on the latest firmware. Would you read through that and see if all steps are done? Would like to hear that solves it, but if no - let us know.

hit the siri mic on the remote button then release. sound should come back

OMG. You guys didn’t fix the broken chat bug that has basically ruined every group ride and has been documented ad-nauseum by the largest groups on your service? The bug that was introduced in the last release and should be easy to back out? The one where messages are being sent to clients but somehow filtered out, regardless of client device?

Come on, guys. Are you even paying attention?


Ahhh that’s a bug? Had no idea just thought I must’ve been taking too many pics haha!

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  1. worksforme if i turn off wahoo HRM at the same time, though that forces me into apple watch for HR data.
    2 have you tried connecting all devices through an iphone and the companion app?

Hi Shuji, thanks for following up with me.

The batteries are at 72% so I don’t think that’s the issue. The PM5 bluetooth signal also connects to other apps just fine, specifically Concept2’s ErgData on my iPhone–also the Zwift app on my iPad, which I just tried for the first time tonight. (Yay, I can work out tomorrow! But the display connected to my Mac is way better, so I’d still prefer to use that as my regular setup.)

I did check the firmware and it’s up to date.

Good to see you here Eric…


DIdn’t the level locks get nerfed at the start of the pandemic? Why not just ditch them entirely now? No one even likes the Jungle route since the advent of rolling resistance, so the only level lock that makes even the least bit of sense is Alpe du Zwift. And now you can unlock that in about a week.


that is. great article…i’ll have to experiment.
in watopia i also think the islands are managed on different servers/clusters for status updates and when you cycle over the bridges to the epic kom you get moved between between them …and sometimes that move doesn’t sync up. now i’m wondering if it’s firewall related too

Latest kickr firmware has issues. Need to go to older version

I reinstalled windows and it fixed the problem for me. It’s a pretty drastic option that isn’t really an option at all for many, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.


Since we’re talking about a Bluetooth connection here - and since BLE signals most often can only pair to one receiver at a time - please make sure that the PM5’s signal is not being hijacked by the iPad, or the iPhone.

If any other devices (or even other apps on the Mac like Garmin Connect, Strava, etc) are stealing the PM5’s signal, it would not be availble to the Zwift app. Please verify that’s not the case by powering off your phone & iPad?

We’re still working on that fix.