Game Update - February 23rd, 2021

Hi Wes, this evening after the update my bike wouldn’t recognize the watts/cadence signal, even though my computer was connected to my watts/cadence monitor.

I am running Zwift on a Mac and am riding a Concept2 Bikeerg, using a PM5 monitor. This morning my bike connected to Zwift just fine, as usual. This evening after the update Zwift wouldn’t recognized the watts/cadence at all. After the update Zwift did still recognize my Garmin heart rate monitor.

I confirmed that the PM5 was working, and its Bluetooth signal was working. The Mac I use to run Zwift showed that it was paired to the PM5 via bluetooth. It was just that Zwift didn’t recognize it.

I turned the Mac bluetooth off and on again and still, Zwift didn’t pick up the data.

The only thing different was the update. What should I do?

Does anyone else get issues with Apple TV not providing sound? I have tried on multiple TVs and getting this issue sporadically. Very frustrating!

Do you force-quit Zwift after every session? This will generally ‘cure’ the sound issue.

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Force quit? I just press the menu button to go back to the main Apple starter page

Oh wow, not good. EDIT: I did notice they dropped the OP after the end of the last race (or maybe within a few minutes) so at least someone in Zwift knew not to jump the gun. LEft hand, right hand problems I suspect.

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System files for both ANT+ and Bluetooth were changed in this update, so comments about new dropouts on previously solid systems (though you never know how much is pure coincidence) may be legit.


+1 - this has been a major issue in reducing social engagement in large group rides, and destroying the leader and keepers ability to properly communicate with the entire group, front to back, as well as those that are off, and may need assistance.


OK, try this: After you press the Menu button and get back to the main menu on ATV, double-click the button to the right with the little ‘monitor’ on it. This will bring up a carousel of all the apps running in the background of the ATV. swipe left/right through them, and then swipe up (using the trackpad at the top of the remote) until they are all gone (except for the main menu, which won’t go away). This is the same thing that is done in an iPhone/iPad after double-clicking the ‘Home’ button. The apps will then boot from scratch the next time you use them.

Give that a shot and see if it corrects your sound issue (and possibly any other minor issues you have encountered from time to time).


Cool thanks @Nigel_Tufnel :+1:t2:

I use ant+ dongle on my iMac, and the cadence shows false number, stop at 60rpm, cannot go higher, please fix it.

This wrecked my race as well. Logged in as usual 30 minutes before race to join pen, quit out to warmup - had dropouts during my warmup so finished my warmup and then logged off to hopefully fix it - only to be met with the update. Took 5 seconds to download, but four minutes for the ui to become responsive after installing, and didn’t leave me enough time to log in before the race started.

FFS Zwift, you’ve got 10,000 people racing in the WTRL - is it really outside the wit of someone at hq to schedule the update outside the time the races are going on?

You really don’t help yourselves sometimes do you?


Totally agree with the comments above re: “experience mode” it is almost meditation it is so sublime.

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What sort of trainer (or cadence sensor) are you using? Is it properly paired with Zwift? On what sort of device are you running Zwift? This sounds like an issue with your equipment, not with Zwift. This can be a symptom of the cadence sensor you are using not being paired with the game, so Zwift just assigns and arbitrary rpm value.

I’ll second that: a long-standing issue with new Intel laptop processors with integrated graphics are invariably crashing mid ride. Has been flagged to support on numerous occasions but no indication on whether a fix is even being investigated. Any chance of it being bumped up the to do list?


The sticky draft is seriously broken - at least for light cyclists. Explain how on a sprint I can be tootling in a pack at 2.8W and be faster by several seconds than when I ride on my own at 4.3W? And on climbs it’s actually the opposite, where I’m slowed down if I’m going at a faster wkg than a group. My avatar was actually jerking back and forth in spurts - getting me dizzy - due to this.


I should add–the signal from my Garmin HRM is through and ANT dongle on my Mac. I think the problem I am having is only about Bluetooth.

Sterzo works fine if connecting to iPad but terrible if trying to connect to Apple TV and finally gave up trying it through companion app due to constant failures, guess I’ll keep waiting for an update one day. At the moment my Sterzo is a very expensive wheel riser.

It isn’t all small cyclists - just light men with outsized power.

I’m 46 kg 5’2” and nothing in the algorithm is in my favour - try being light with low power in a pack … don’t even benefit on a zwift climb where people rocket past me on slopes of 15% while IRL they would be clipped out and walking.



Yup, spot on. Starting with today’s release - we’re referencing both our internal game version number (1.10.0) as well as the numbering style we’ve used historically (1.0.63185) in the Latest Version thread

The next major release cycle will be version 1.11.x. In this way, it’s easier for our players to tell a minor release from a major one.

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That’s the important comment to provide feedback on in amongst the near 100 replies…