Game Update - February 23rd, 2021

Seems unlikely given they’ve literally said to me above it’s not in the game yet, but I’ve not tried it.

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Damn… no fix for meet-up race results or Withings scales :frowning:


Looking forward to when I can go to a new route, without closing down the game first


I saw loads of people doing random donuts during the ZI Uber Pretzel ride to be fair, I don’t think that’s the same as the Wattbike thing.


The scales thing is going to be a back-end issue, not a game client update.

Make drafting 100% instead of 25%. It doesn’t make sense to give smaller riders power to weight advantages but then handicap larger riders from being able to draft effectively.

The races will be tighter, faster, and likely will require more tactics.


What is the Garmin HRM issue? Mine works fine when on Apple TV.


Why has no one thought of that before … :upside_down_face:

A load of people are having issues with Garmin Duals since Feb update but I didnt keep track given the fragmented number of threads created. Seems BT related.

Prettttttyyyy Please … yes :pray:

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Oh, was really hoping for variety on pace bot routes. Every person I have spoken to who likes them says that.


I have same issue, have been onto zwift so many times. My laptop is bran new, brought it to my IT department told me problem with Zwift graphics. I am using my phone now which is so hard to see.

Bluetooth most likely cause , I dont want to use it for the reasons you highlight. Its unreliable and disconnects repeatedly until eventually it will not re-connect.

The Device and Zwift bothsupport ANT+ and should be supported .

Interesting. I have had zero issues with my Garmin Dual and ATV and have been running this setup for over 2 years.

Agree with that . Luckly we didnt but for this and every other reason you can think of this is just down right bad or misaligned deployment control.

This has been broken for 3 months, still awaiting a reply from Support. Is a known issue.

I didn’t want to band wagon bit lack of response and no fix.

See here: Game Update - February 23rd, 2021 - #20 by shooj

Whilst disappearing riders does happen when you have Network issues it is NOT the exclusive cause of this issue and whilst I cant speak for the OP I dont think he provided enough information on his issue to state this as fact . I would suggest @Dan_Sturgeon you visit the Bug // Known Issues and / Racing channels where you will find all the gory details and the workaround possibilities for the current problem(s) with disappearing avatars that spiked post last months release , while we wait patiently for the current disruptions and fall out from that which are causing issues here are put into a better shape .

or watch todays ZRL broadcast where (aparrently- disclaimer I have not verified that ) the issues of late were very handily on full display

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Thanks guys!

Any plans for Allow Saves Without Exit? :slight_smile:


His game was glitchy so with 8mins spare we told him to restart the app and his trainer.

He restarts, app update prompt, updates app and launches. App does nothing. Spins for an eternity missed the start of the race

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