Game Update - February 23rd, 2021

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After I bought a Wahoo TICKR, I haven’t had issues with my HRM. Garmin HRM gave out after some use. My TICKR is still tickin’ with no issues!

My wahoo KICKR disconnects and reconnects randomly from the bluetooth. My Apple watch is not registering at all…what happened

What about average pace indicators during a ride?
Distance of climb left?
Set target time for a ride and ride to achieve it?

Agreed, I have been having this issue for weeks, sent all the log files etc to Zwift and only recently have been informed there may be an issue with Zwift and the Intel graphics drivers. Can’t use the laptop at all due to it freezing, I have to rely on borrowing a friends iPad at the moment which is obviously not ideal. This really needs sorting.

@shooj a little update / response in the leaders section would be appreciated.
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Three months already and you have not resolve the crashing issue due to newer intel graphics, it is frustrating that in the meddle of an event the system crashes, and your answers is seat and wait or get connected in a different way, but I cannot because I use computrainer that is hardwired to the computer.


I’ve noticed the same thing. Wondering if it was intentional or not. It’s nice to be able to see the team tags during a race.

Jeff - so, one has to use the menu screen, requiring one to ‘leave’ the ride momentarily to see these metrics…and that is my point — why not have it on the screen. BKOOL has a much more useful dashboard. I run the game off an IPAD. In Zwift, I only get current values for power, WKg, Speed . I’d like to see average power and speed to know if I am consistent, dropping off in performance, or maybe picking up my training ‘game’.

Apple watch HR integration via companion app sucks. Please follow the bulletproof Technogym Live approach of direct integration to the ipad/apple TV with connection initiated on the watch.

Thanks Dean for the note, not to be perplexed but as long as there is not ETA for me it’s no go. Shuji told me the same thing a year ago when the KSA flag was updated in the game. And till date a couple of upgrades later we still have nothing. The funny part is that the flag is working in the companion app, why not in the game. I still can’t comprehend.

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Jumped on a pace partner ride with C Cadence today. Best pace partner experience to date. Seemed to be less churn and no annoying flying off the front losing the drops multiplier. Worked brilliantly for 2 hours.

That’s me, that is! :smiley: Huge Zwift fan, but also quite a vocal critic of some aspects. Not always as diplomatically as I could be, to be fair.


Will this update be in the Play Store UK soon? I’m not seeing the update at the moment. Thanks Matt

It’s there with the right version number for me, though the date is wrong.

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By deliberate I mean that they are simply choosing not to fix it - the introduction of the problem was surely accidental. I would hypothesize that they are still on a first or second generation architecture that was developed in a sloppy manner typical of a startup and where the architecture has inherent testability and maintainability issues (and possibly a gap-filled requirements, architecture and design structure behind the code), and that they have built up technical debt on that account. Of course Zwift is not number one, Peloton is an order of magnitude larger and I’m sure they have their eyes on a next generation that will both erase the technical debt with a new architecture and also enable them to compete with Peloton for the attention of the masses (think unlocking ecosystems and enabling value adds like instructor-led rides, coaching services, engineering and artwork services to tailor to fitness studios, hardware sales which are a win-win because you make a little margin on hardware but also because having standard/controlled platforms is cheaper to maintain the software for, etc.). The potential market of just performance-oriented cyclists and racers is very limited compared to the overall health and fitness market.

That said, they take US$15/month recurring from each subscriber so given their subscribers they are taking in probably in the range of $100 million a year (would be more except a large portion of subscribers probably cancel during summer months) and with only 300 employees that is a solid revenue per employee and they should have enough engineering capacity to both drive new technology for growth and deal with fixes, unless the underlying architecture and technical debt has left them in a really bad state which may indeed be the case. For our money though we have every reason to expect quality and that attention will be paid to field defects that impact users. Personally I’m considering cancelling early this year due to the bugs. The last two summers I didn’t cancel at all - feeling generous - but I do not feel that way any longer, Zwift has not earned it.


Would love the see earned badges next to each route to make it easier to see which routes haven’t been completed.


@Steven_Hart If you are a Strava user, this will help you:

Thanks for the idea

It’s not a iOS problem, since the same problem is present on Windows 10. It works on Android though. The problem is the Bluetooth pulse implementation on Zwift does not handle other events than pulse events, and garmin sends other events as stride (step cadence) too. So the pulse dissappear from the screen, and it says “No signal”. It definitely has the signal, the logs just shows it does not handle unknown events.