Game Update Dec 2019


Situation from yesterday’s race (17.12.2019)
Please notice that in the same moment we have experienced the same “situation”
In the same moment every other riders have despaired
Please watch on YT 20:32 - 20:59

That has been going on for so long that some people will file a bug report if it ever gets fixed. :joy:

Same thing in the Volcano KOM tunnel.

Thanks for the update.
It would be extremely useful if you could send a blast email to let people know an update is coming or just occurred.

I need my IT administrator to log-in to make changes to update zwift on my PC so if I get home and there’s an update I can’t log-in which is so frustrating.

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I’ve signed on for December challenge but the rides I’ve done this week have not been added to the challenge.


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Maybe may not be bad, if the cyclist who ride “through” me is a doctor, he can let me know if something is wrong. :wink:

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John take a look at this video

I have problem in events that after few minutes i loose contact between zwift soft and tacx connection. Altough i made calibration before it dosn’t help

I know - this is such an oversight. So annoying to have to end ride go all the way out and start Zwift again, just to pick a different route/world.