Game Update Dec 2019

I know - this is such an oversight. So annoying to have to end ride go all the way out and start Zwift again, just to pick a different route/world.

Darren, I’ve got 5 million Drop points. If it were possible I’d send some your way. ~Brian (Moses)

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Moses me ol mate
Id love about 3.5 million :joy::joy::joy:

How you doing pal.

Any idea when speed only ant+ sensor will be available on android. My garmin Ant+ Hrm and cadence sensors connect dead on but without speed app is useless

Our Android dev team is working on adding support for bike speed sensors, but don’t have an ETA for when that’ll drop. Thank you for your continued patience.

Hi there, I am seriously frustrated. My wife has subscribed and has a Zwift account. She cannot Zwift because the message reads trial expired. We don’t care about the free period just want to Zwift. Same thing happened to me when I joined back in oct 2019. Can you please send step by step or links to how to correct this? We have already spent 2 hours trying to figure it out



Hi @Andrew_Litt_3953 Welcome to Zwift forums.

We handle account and payment issues via email, not on the forum, so I’ll ask one of my colleagues here at Zwift HQ to contact you and sort you out!

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Aaah thanks a lot man! Appreciate it so much!

I thought there was supposed to be an update to the Apple TV Zwift menu last month? Is this still happening?

Last I heard it was scheduled for release sometime in the winter (I think both Jon and Eric have said that).

Can you post a link to that information?

I think he is referring to the rumored UI update that Eric and Jon have mentioned.

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O thanks I thought I missed something. :+1:

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Not sure if this is accurate but this was posted to a Facebook group I’m on (rumored for be the end of February):

That does not look like a Zwift post. Also Zwift does not relies dates, and this is probably why, because FB will break if they miss it by a day. LOL

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@Gerrie_Delport I never said it was direct from Zwift. The initial poster claimed to have heard from Zwift that the UI update is planned for the end of February. I just posted the screenshot to show it and mentioned it is a claim and not verified.

It mentions it at the very top of this thread

It was slated for January. However, I do remember seeing somewhere that it had been pushed to February. IIRC it was here or on a podcast that someone from Zwift that mentioned the delay to February. Regardless, it is coming. What’s another week or two.


“should hopefully make its first appearance on Apple TV next month”
In software talk this means that there is a remote possibility that it may happen during that time period.