Game Update 1.61 [March 2024]

Hi! I have got a strange issue after last upgrade, neither my iPhone or iPad can find my Treadmill when bluetooth pairing in “Run mode”. If scanning all bluetooth equipment in Ride mode the Treadmill is visible, Have anyone seen anything like this? My daughter has not yet updated the zwift app on her iPhone, and she can still connect to the Treadmill.

Any ideas in any more tests or does anyone know if it is a bug or if it is already reported?

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Which treadmill? It sounds similar to what’s discussed on this thread:

Can you confirm the team added in Apple Health write integration on ipad? I had the pop up and allowed write all. Super excited for this to happen and thank you! The only issue I had is it reported all metrics to Apple Health except for the workout. Any way to troubleshoot this or open a bug report on it?

Thanks, I do also have a Treadmill from BH Fitness so that was the correct thread. I have added my info in that thread so the developers get as much info as possible.