Game Update 1.39 [May 2023]

Yup, this was the first thing that I noticed last night when trying v1.39 for the first time.

I’m willing to bet that it’s intentional and was done to have a cleaner-looking pairing screen at the cost of reduced functionality. :roll_eyes: I hope to be proved wrong.

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MSI Afterburner + RivaTuner

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Ride/run feedback screen continues to be completely useless. You complete your score and switch to the text field and the score vanishes. You type some text and complete the score again and the SUBMIT button is greyed out. It is impossible to submit feedback. This screen has been broken since the day it was introduced.

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I did a meetup this morning and picked Downtown Titans for the route but it sent us on Sand and Sequoias.

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Some routes seem to be broken


That screen has always worked for me without issue.

I do appreciate that the icon is now a handlebar rather than a steering wheel. At least it’s the right sport. Seems like there would be a little room underneath one of the sides of the bars (next to the stem) to have the numbers showing how lined up you are (then I could just get off and adjust the sterzo if they don’t want to have the wrench icon so I can zero it).


Fix for this is to unsign and resign…the easy way is using Companion App.

This is not part of 1.39…this has been happening randomly for a long time.

Can we fix the create custom workout UI? It’s getting progressively worse to create workouts. Key bindings are very confusing and not responding to expected behaviors.

Many thanks.

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A couple issues: using Windows 11, at the end of a ride on the report screen, the power graph no longer shows the vertical line showing watts when hovering the mouse over the graph. And when selecting which screenshots to upload, clicking the add/remove button is also changing whether it’s a “clean” screenshot or not.

Is the move to a “two week release cadence which will allow for more frequent updates!” so that Zwift can release an update in the first half of the month and then patch all the new bugs in the second half of the month?

I know Zwift has a habit of releasing buggy updates but 1.39 must set a new record for bugs. Seriously, how did this release get through quality control?


Hi Andrew - i have never measured the “Distance” but i can confirm the watt drop when you are forced out the draft every 2 seconds is a pain when chasing.

1.39 looks good generally. Worked neatly on a Thursday TTT.

But (and you expected this) I have a problem accessing the Fence HUD with Apple TV.

I’ve been accessing it in-game by clicking the center of the Siri remote and flicking up and swiping or clicking to select times or to enable/disable. That’s no longer available.

Clicking up from the icon menu didn’t work, either.

Is there a new way of accessing the fence HUD with Apple TV?

Not sure if anyone reported that already but I saw this weird label in the power curve post ride. I have never seen that before:


Yes this is known about.

Is there a problem with the minimap? The view is much more from above now, so if you can’t see what’s coming up. (This used to be useful if you were, say, doing a workout and wanted to see where the next arch was)

Todays (Sun May 7th) KISS 100 race was all messed up; was supposed to be 106k (2 Laps of Eastern 8) at the end of Lap 1 all seems to go haywire…. Route was wrong, distance countdown carried on…… 0.7km to go ish the countdown went to 9000m……. 9km later there was no finish line; blue flag on the countdown distance but it showed Lap 1 of 2 suddenly……. After 2hrs 45min of tough racing that’s kinda frustrating…. :smirk: Oh well my legs tell me it happened!..…


Click it to change view?!

James tried to fix this by changing the route but I guess the new route was also broken. Watopia events are at risk with this update :neutral_face: