Game Update 1.39 [May 2023]

Thanks for the heads up. Pretty frustrating that the second KISS 100 race is doomed to FF laps. We pay money and we get these releases laden with obvious bugs, what idiots we are!

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I’m guessing this is a known problem with Apple TV (if so, apologies)?

Blue Menu button (bottom left of screen after ride/workout) not responding and menu button on ATV remote not responding. God knows how I managed to exit/save the ride. Happened after today’s workout and yesterday’s pace partner ride.

In Austria the background mountains “vibrate”
(windows 11)

Four laps of Muckle Yin would be fun. Anywhere but Watopia with this disastrous update. I’m skipping today’s event but hope to see you at another one.

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Happened to me too.


Who knows, there is still time for a last second change( an ‘audible’ for those familiar with American football) @s_ticky_krt @James_Zwift

Yes, exactly as in your video

No, not at the weekend.

Sorry, misunderstood.

Please hold.

Route updated.

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Seems every major update we get 3 new bugs for every 1 expected change


Tried a ride with RP Miguel, but got dropped no where near Miguel and wil 0 seconds pedal assist. Maria the same. So did a free ride after been frustrated a lot and it did not get any better with all the different glitches (as mentioned above by numerous people) going on during the ride.

I think i stop riding with Zwift a few weeks untill they have fixed the big heap of bugs that have gotten in to this update.

BTW I Zwift on Android

You are a gentleman and scholar ! Thank you, and apologies for my earlier passion, it is the up date process, not you.

Thanks Sam, I didn’t realise you could do that. I must’ve inadvertently clicked it recently and changed the view. Every day is a school day…


same behavior here, and it is not possible to disconnect the steering.


What hapened!?
Nothing works. My PC didn’t see my Smart flow or any different devices. Ant+ looks ok.
Please help

Looking at the top right hand corner it looks like Windows isn’t detecting your Ant+ sensor.

Do you use any other apps to see if they have access to your Ant+ ?

Thats right but with BT is the same problem. It didn’t see anything
I check ant+ in control panel and system see it.
I found update of smart flow in Garmin application.
In this application everything looks ok.

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Seems to be a growing number of people having the same issue. Lots of other reports.

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I think ant+ works properly. If someone have some suggestion how to check it I will be grateful