Game Update 1.39 [May 2023]

Who did they get to beta test the Update ? with all the bug’s. Can zwift do roll back to 1.34 ?

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We got the heads up that 1.34 included some major refactoring to enable more/easier changes in the UI, but it seems more like this release that is the one that included those changes. 1.34 was actually a good version.

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Try to reinstall.

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Ok problem was from my side… Windows updates kills drivers for my ant+ stick devices.


glad it is sorted for you

Noticed this bug on android after this update - the menu button is off the bottom of the screen - still able to press it but its position is too low

it initially come up to the correct place but then bounces back down again

I also had trouble recognizing my ANT+ dongle on zwift yesterday, but after reinstalling the driver as you said, Zwift now recognizes ANT+.
thank you very much.

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This issue is reported several times now (also by me). Also several screen issues and not being able to swipe the Zwifters Nearby list as wel as PR list of the HUD are reported.

My biggest problem with this update is that most Robo Partners rides are not working correctly any more (not being dropped at the right position and no assist the first seconds). A patch for this update is badly needed.

FYI, Steering is now enabled by default on all events!
(except individual Time Trials)

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Thank you, @DavidP .
Any word on whether the steering device calibration function has intentionally been removed from the new pairing screen, or if it’s a bug that will be corrected?


For sure it’s a bug… :sweat:


@DavidP any word on a patch that could solve the bug with the RP?
Without a patch the RP (Miguel and MAria) are for me not possible to ride with at this moment.

What bug are you talking about?

I and several others have mentioned it allready a few times that you get dropped nowhere near the RP and also no assistance in the first seconds

I have no knowledge about such problem, but I’ll ask about it. If it’s a known problem and what the current status.

I wonder if that is related to all the broken routes in Watopia. Do you see it in Makuri as well?

Thanks, because at this stage riding with Miguel or Maria is not possible for me

Only tried Watopia the last few days and it did not work

On ADZ with MacOS 12.6.5, Mac Pro 5,1 and Radeon RX6600XT and a 4K screen the timer for the segment overlaps the other segment information. See the 1:39 overlapping the date for the PR.

Sorry, dodgy iPhone photo while I was pushing quite hard on ADZ - didn’t think to hit the screenshot button.