Game Update 1.39 [May 2023]

Hi, any reason why the menu button function has now been modified on ATV. Prior to update hitting Menu went straight into menu/Pause screen. Now hitting menu flashes menu in bottom left of screen and an additional key stroke is required. Risk also present as button in same place as quick ride button so accidental pressing can happen.

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I’ve mentioned this a couple of times already; it’s a royal pain in the…

To clarify, steering is enabled in all events by default that will be created going forward? All events created prior to 1.39 without steering, will still be without steering?

No, all events as of this moment. It doesn’t matter when they were created. This is not an event configuration.
However, if event organizers wish to turn off steering from now on, there is a new event configuration that they can request.

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I don’t have the time to read 200+ posts to see if my issues are already reported, so apologies if this is a duplicate.

I was forced to update the game this morning on Apple TV. I didn’t know there was a new release waiting otherwise I would have done it sooner. When I restarted after the update I got the new pairing screen so was definitely running the new update.

I started with Coco this morning, but about 2km into my ride the software crashed. Obviously with ATV there is nothing I can access log files wise, so afraid that’s it. All I can tell you is I was going through the oasis. When I restarted the game, there was no recovery or anything. I just had to start again.

My second issue is more a bit of a complaint about a seemingly unnecessary change that just makes things harder to use. I ride to a calorie count every day, and since the calories burned is not on the HUD I have to open the menu to see it. On ATV this is easy as you just press the menu button on the remote. Right up until this latest update. Now, you press menu on the remote and a menu button appears bottom right of the screen. You then have to press this button to get the actual menu. With the ATV touch remote being a very bad design, this is far from ideal, especially further into the ride with sweaty fingers.

In addition, when you dismiss the menu then next time you want to bring it up pressing the menu button on the remote does nothing until you press it a second time. This brings up the menu button which you must then press as before with sweaty fingers. Awful.

In summary:
Before: Press remote menu button, menu appears with ride stats, press remote menu button, menu disappears. Repeat.
After: Press remote menu button, on screen menu button appears, press on screen menu button, menu appears with ride stats, press remote menu button, menu disappears, press remote menu button, nothing happens, press remote menu button again, on screen menu button appears, repeat.

I think I can summarise this further; after the on screen menu button auto-hides, pressing the ATV remote menu button does nothing until you press it again. So it now takes three presses for something that used to take one.


In 1.39 both Coco and Yumi are bald. Haven’t tried other bots yet to see if they’re affected too.

Edit: it’s all the bots. They also don’t have feet.


can someone make the meme house is on fire, with 1.39 ZHQ saying it just fine.


Kickr bike user. I did a race where steering was not disabled by default by the race organiser. I am aware of the problem regarding being pushed too the right out of the draft if you have selected steering on in the pairing screen. Usually I select it off when racing. Thought I would give it a try in a race after the new update 1.39. However the problem still exists and myself and another rider with steering enabled kept being pushed to the right out of the draft at several occasions.
In the pairing screen my Kickr bike does not show as a selectable option for steering. I am guessing this is because it is on by default.
When I go to do a free ride I can see that the Steering icon says ON even though I have not chosen steering.
I really hope that there will be an option to toggle steering on/off or that Zwift will fix the bug where Kickr bike users get pushed out of the draft because they have steering on by default.
Are you aware of this bug @James_Zwift @shooj @Rowdy

EDIT: I just checked my log file from the day of my race with steering on and saw that I was still running version 1.34. I will have to try it with version 1.39 and hope that it isn’t still an issue.


Thanks. I was worried that the steering calibration wouldn’t be coming back. Not sure it’s important with the smart bikes, but with the Sterzo smart, my device can move a bit (or maybe my trainer does) after a hard effort, and it’s not obvious just glancing at it that the alignment is still the same. I’d love it if the little steering icon while riding would display what setting the wheel was at, so I’d know if it was straight or not (I noticed myself drifting off to one side or the other several times during a robopacer ride on Sunday).

You must have removed the spring in your Sterzo? Otherwise if your handlebars/front wheel are crooked then you’d know :slight_smile:

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I didn’t modify it in any way. Big changes are obvious, but +/- 1 degree is not so much visually, and is enough to cause you to drift out of the pack (and out of the draft) given enough time if you’re not paying attention.

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Got a patch just a few mins ago on my Mac Studio and Mac Book Pro which were already running 1.39.

This! Please sort this mess out :roll_eyes:

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Do you have any videos of this happening? I have used steering before in events and never noticed such thing happening :thinking:

Any update to report David?
I want to ride with a RP within a few hours, but need to know if that is even possible for me as it has not worked for me the last few days (since 1.39).

PacePartner Maria was bald today


As far as I know, we are not aware of other reports around this problem. Not sure what to say because It shouldn’t be happening. If you have any way to record the screen or provide some evidence of it happening perhaps it can help us figure out what is going on.

I had this yesterday.
I had chosen a PP from the side scrolling menu and and let it stay on the map screen, where you can see the route of the PP.
I came back after a couple of minutes and then hit “ride” from that map screen and then I got placed nowhere near the PacePartner.

And we are not the only one’s.



I tried a spindown, and it failed twice cause my power stayed at 0W.
(Yes, I know that I should use the trainer’s app to do the spindown, but Zwift’s spindown should work if they provide the feature)
Then when joining the RP, I got no starting help and was placed 50-100m behind the RP. Then my avatar’s legs weren’t moving, so I had to sprint to get them going.
Not a good experience.

He posted this on this topic 3 days ago

Hi David,

Sorry didn’t record it and I don’t have saved any videos from previous races.
I purposely turned steering of because of this.
I will have to see if it becomes an issue in the future.
The race in which it happened was on May 5th and was the Minitour Scotland HISP ride.
Reading forum posts it seems to be an issue others have experienced with the Kickr Bike v1.

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