Downtown Titans Route [1.39] [May 2023]

Didn’t ride it myself but read a comment on Zwift Update Version 1.39 (110983) Released | Zwift Insider and it was confirmed by the blog author.

Thanks !!… looks like it’s more routes broken than Downtown Titans

I’m not sure about that. Those log messages may not be related to this issue. The route in question is 65 and he doesn’t mention this number.

@James_Zwift this might break the KISS 100 event on Sunday. There is no info about how to reach the organizer.

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Another broken route apparently.

This release is making history.

@S_ticky_KRT this might interest you for KRT 100.

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Yeah this doesn’t look good.

Changing Kiss 100 and I’ve sent a message to event organisers.

I’ll get the other upcoming events changed.

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Happy Saturday everyone.


Looks like Eastern Eight is also doomed

I rode this yesterday and can confirm I didn’t get the badge despite being way over the expected Kms. Looking at Strava, I didn’t complete the route segment as I had been re-rerouted!

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I did the Downtown Titans free ride today. The route took a direction it’s never taken me before.

Did the wrong turn on both Routes happened at the same intersection?
They both pass Titans Groove.

Yep… rode Downtown Titans on Saturday but there was no Downtown. Sent me through Titans and the desert (same as the OP).

Thanks for flagging this up, everyone.

The issues referenced over the weekend that broke routes following 1.39 have now been found to impact Big Foot Hills, Zwift Gran Fondo 2022, Downtown Titans, and Eastern Eight. We have already proactively moved any group rides we could see on these routes.

If you’re an Event Organizer, and have races on any of these routes prior to May 19th, please change them or submit a ticket to so the Events Team can change them for you. Thanks!


They all seem to be routes that use the southern intersection of Titans Grove. Maybe the new MTB stuff is interfering?

Looks like it.

Route “Legends and Lava” which also passes by Titans Grove southbound works correctly, it has an added decision (<entry markerId="810006" turn="3" forward="0" stub="0"/>) which is not present in the problematic route in question.

Same experience on Eastern Eight…

I just completed Eastern Eight and it didn’t mark as completed.

I ran back through the route, and it took me completely the wrong way at the end, even though the distance still counted down to 0. I didn’t do a u-turn at any point.

This has happened several times, twice with Watopia’s Waistband a couple of weeks ago.

It doesn’t help that on the companion app leaderboards, Eastern Eight is listed as Event Only, but on the main Zwift app it has an associated badge!

Very frustrating!

Hey all - this bug is fixed in Zwift v 1.40, which began phased rollout today. Over the next couple of days, it will be available to everyone on all OS platforms. Please update at your earliest convenience.