Eastern Eight Badge Not Unlocking

Good Afternoon,

First post on the forums, could anyone advise why Eastern eight route badge may not have unlocked?

Some advice where I might check.

No U turns, change of bike 30 secs in is the only obscure thing I did within the route

Thanks in advance



I’m wondering if you’ve fallen into the ‘incorrect route routing’ bug that seems to have been introduced with the latest update. The path of your ride is not Eastern Eight, as you appear to have gone left (toward Saddle Springs) after your second pass of the KOM, as opposed to right, toward the tunnel.

Thanks Nigel,

That’s interesting- certainly updated app this morning,

Think your right on the route as well!

Tried again today, same issue again… must be fault on the update

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Similar thing happened to me yesterday. The only strange thing I noticed was that the lead it was very short. I emailed Zwift with the Fit file and they have accredited me with the badge.

We’re aware of issues affecting

Downtown Titans
Eastern 8
Big Foot Hills

FYI @James_Zwift - I completed Downtown Titans today for the Spring Workout Training Session Hairpin Wizard and noted I didn’t get the badge as well - do you suggest we contact support to get the route badge(s) manually awarded OR will a fix update routes completed accordingly? Thanks.

Contact support please.

Will do, thx @James_Zwift