Game Update 1.39 [May 2023]

Hi Zwifters, Zwift Game version 1.39.0 has begun rolling out today. This phased release will take place over a couple of days. We are continuing to test out a phased rollout approach for select releases in order to offer the best member experience. In addition, Zwift is moving to a two week release cadence which will allow for more frequent updates! With this change and the scale of last month’s phased release, we skipped some release numbers. With release 1.39, we are now back on our planned schedule.

  • Made changes to PowerUps to improve their effectiveness and usefulness. These changes apply to PowerUps any time they are earned, and are not specific to events. More information in the forum post at this link. Due to the staggered rollout of this release, the changes to PowerUps will be made once 100% of Zwifters have the release to avoid having different PowerUp effects and durations active at the same time.
  • Coffee Stop is coming May 10! Coffee Stop allows you to take a break for up to 3 minutes while your avatar stays with the group. This feature is available for up to 30 seconds in the first 5 minutes of your ride, and then available for the full 3 minutes after 30 minutes of riding. Once you activate Coffee Stop, you will have up to 3 minutes to step off your bike for any reason, and will then have to wait 30 minutes to use it a second time. You can read more information about Coffee Stop in our This Season on Zwift post here.. UPDATE MAY 10: Coffee Stop is live!
  • Repack Ridge is temporarily closed while we work on exciting improvements.
  • Starting with version 1.39, we will no longer support OpenGL on macOS. All new versions will only support Metal.
  • Steering is now enabled by default in all events
  • Changed the location of language settings to the login screen for all devices and added the option to change language in the settings option screen
  • New pairing screen layout added
  • New tabs for preferences and sound & display on settings option screen

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to spawn a HoloReplay on a segment as the Zwifter approached.
  • Changed the way HoloReplay names appear on the Riders Nearby List in an effort to make it more clear which HoloReplays are present.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause HoloReplay settings to not display correctly for routes and segments when the setting to show HoloReplays for routes, segments, or both was changed.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the drops multiplier to incorrectly change when disabling the HUD during Pacer Group rides.
  • Resolved issue with ‘Completed Challenge’ banner not displaying
  • Fixed an issue with the entitlement count number displaying behind the garage icon on pause menu
  • Resolved issue with Wattbike Atom gear display not displaying
  • Resolved an issue with ‘Rode With’ lists not displaying

May the Fourth Be With You
With the 1.39.0 rollout, we’re also adding folders to the Custom Workouts interface. These changes don’t add new functionality, but it does make it easier to use this functionality by making it available in our newer workout UI.

1.39.0 allows this functionality on the Custom Workouts page:

  • Training Peaks and Today’s Plan workouts are now in a folder, making them easy to find for those using these imported workouts.
  • Zwifters who organize their custom workouts into folders on Mac or PC will now find these folders in the Custom Workouts UI. These folders will continue to sync across platforms. Additional subfolders are not supported.
  • The “Create Workout” button is now the first card on the Custom Workouts page.


Oh wow! Much earlier than expected! Looks like some great features included in this release!

Here is my post about the release including images, my thoughts, and a bugs list that I will be updating daily: Zwift Update May 1.39 Released - ZRace Central

I’ve also got a video that goes over the release, feel free to check it out: Zwift Update May 1.39 Released // ALL The Details! - YouTube

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It is fixed now. :sunglasses:


Looking forward to it, looks promising. Thank you in advance. :+1:

Live footage of me hitting the “check for updates” option:

Looking forward to the Repack Ridge improvements, hoping it gets turned into a looped course (or at least an option to turn left onto it from the downhill of the Titans KoM).

And steering in all events, hooray, time to dig out some fresh batteries for my Sterzo!


Could you make knowndevices actually do something? It’s annoying that every time I boot up zwift it grabs my trainer for power and cadence but the other trainer in the room for controllable, and I have to unpair that one and re-pair mine. Every single time. Edit: I reordered some stuff in knowndevices and launched Zwift twice, both times it grabbed the right devices. Hopefully this is fixed?

Related to steering, when will the tacx neobike get steering functionality added?

Does the sound setting fix the bug where the intro theme music is under “world sounds” and doesn’t play if you have those turned off, but the theme music turned on? Edit: no it doesn’t. Intro music is still controlled by “3d world sounds” which I set to 0%, so no theme music.

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Quoted for emphasis


Well if its going to a 2 week phased rollout, based on the speed of the last one no one will ever be on the same version as everyone else

The rollout is not 2 weeks, there will be updates approximately every 2 weeks.

I would assume that this phase will be a lot faster than the last since the previous one was a test to see how this works.


Hi Zwifters, Zwift Game version 1.39.0 has begun rolling out today. This phased release will take place over a couple of days


Yes! Can’t wait to see the improvements for those that like to ride virtual MTB!


Name/distance of riders behind still being shown with hidden HUD.

What about avatar’s legs not moving when starting to Zwift. I always have to sprint to get the legs moving!


I’m sure the last rollout took longer than 2 weeks

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Fun stuff!

My notes on the update: Zwift Update Version 1.39 (110983) Released | Zwift Insider


I said is we will get updates approximately every two weeks, the text did not state the rollout will take two weeks.

The text stated a couple of days.

Yes, the last one did. That is, apparently, not the case this time around.

This is soooooo annoying. I use HIDE for solo rides and getting the name/distance of riders behind takes away the whole immersion effect.


I’m not sure that’s a recognised issue. Might be an issue with your specific setup.