Game Update 1.34 [April 2023]

This is usually caused by CPU exhaustion, not network. Whether that’s related to the release or not I could not say, but it will almost certainly show up if you open Task Manager and look at the Performance tab. I would check Task Manager to see if anything other than Zwift is on the CPU when it’s happening.

I had something similar happen on macOS with 1.33.6 last week on ADZ, twice. The game had a disconnection message. I wonder if related to HR monitor connected via Bluetooth. I’m using ant+ now and no issues.

My machine is Xeon 3.46ghz 6 core CPU and RX6600XT GPU, so it’s not too slow.

Just updated atv to 1.34 and I have a wattbike. The gear display is now missing.

Is this a bug?

I have been getting this once every few months for several years, it has happened as early as the pairing screen or as late as about an hour into a ride, goes away if I unplug the ANT+ dongle (but does persist through a simple reboot if I don’t). Has happened on two different PCs (Windows 10 and 11) and two different (generic) ANT+ dongles. Reinstalling the driver didn’t help, and as a rule I do reboot the computer before a ride because it’s not used for anything else so why not. Not sure how often it really would happen because after this I usually switch to BLE until something goes wrong with it instead…

Thanks Anna, I do use an Ant+ dongle for the HRM only as it tends to get dropouts on Bluetooth (kickr is fine on Bluetooth). I’ll give that a try later.

Yes, menu and quit event doesn’t hide since game latest update. :mask:

Totally this, do a fair bit of riding with no HUD and some sauce elements.

The name now showing at the bottom with hud-less is very annoying and wasn’t there before.

@shooj I assume this is a bug as “no HUD” alway meant no HUD at all before, not partial HUD

I received the 1.34.0 update last week on my 2019 Intel MacBook Air and all was good. Everything running faultlessly and smoothly.

However, a patch was installed (remains ver 1.34.0) before my riding yesterday, and I experienced very low FPS judder both during riding (alone or in groups - as slow as 4 FPS I’d guesstimate - scenarios that recently haven’t triggered any noticeable slowdown whatsoever) and also in the Garage… My rider ‘spinning turntable’ animation juddering also at approx 4 FPS. Restarting Zwift did not cure the issue.

Similar symptoms today too in that menu.

I’m still seeing video instability pretty frequently with 1.34 on M1 MBP running latest Ventura OS. On a one hour group ride event today, HUD elements intermittently disappeared, and it happened in roughly the same location when I passed through Titans Grove twice. Everywhere else it was fine and I was getting around 60 FPS at the time. The system did not seem to be struggling apart from this issue. Anyone else seeing this?

First pass:

Second pass:

Thanks Paul, shared with the team.

I just updated to Zwift version 1.34.0 and I no longer see the option to create a new custom workout. I’m on iOS 16.3.1 iPad 9th gen. I use my custom workouts almost 100% of the time so this is bad news. Any suggestions?

The effect was much worse in Makuri on Country to Coastal. Sometimes just the HUD is affected, other times the game video is also stalling. In some areas it would happen more than once per minute. It was more bearable when I turned the HUD off since that eliminated the times when the HUD was faulty but the game kept moving. It’s hard to do a 100km race with that going on.

No major issues seen in the Zwiftalizer analysis

I am also seeing strange graphical glitches on macOS 12.6.5 with Mac Pro 5,1 Intel Xeon X5690, Radeon RX6600XT 8GB GPU:

Compare the outside images versus the underwater tunnel ones. Note the jerseys look all blown out in the colours and the edges of the road look far too bright. Outside everything appears normal.

That has been happening sporadically for a while now, seems to come and go as it pleases!

First Crash of the Game v.1.34 while trying to end and safe my ride. My activity seems to be gone :frowning: Any chance to get it back?

You may get a partial upload after the next time you use it.

I’ve had two crashes since 1.34 and none prior to it.

Hmm, only thing I did different was to brake using a button because I didn’t want to roll down the hill. Then click on Okay and end the ride and trying to safe. Did it quite fast, maybe that was to flashy fast for the Zwift engine.

Saw a lot of ANT+ Channel Failures (HR belt) before the crash.