Game Update 1.34 [April 2023]

Got 1.34 yesterday, and just had to try the TT-swap feature. Manually changed to a TT bike in the garage, then joined Coco for a spin through Makuri. Happy to confirm it worked perfectly as described and was immediately asked if I wanted to swap the bike. The good thing is that only the TT-frame was swapped for the Zwift standard frame, while the system kept my favorite Enve SES 7.8 wheels, so no problem keeping up with Coco :slightly_smiling_face:
Everything else looks good from my point of view.

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I think Zwift really blew it on this one. For those of us somewhere between level 50 and 60 they just did not give a sh*t

I found another little issue with 1.34 on iPad. This has now happened twice after a race…

The menu button doesn’t work as expected.

I got it on my Mac Pro 7,1 (the 16 core Xeon) but haven’t tried it on the main Zwift Mac I use in the pain cave. I might get a small ride done later - I’m riding more outside when I can and got 100km done today.

Good to see my actual XP of 1.1 million instead of the artificial 750,000 limitation.

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Hi All,

After a recent update, Zwift is now showing names and distances for nearby riders at the bottom of the screen while in “hide display mode”. I do almost all of my riding in “hide display mode” and use the companion app as needed.

Is anyone else seeing this issue? I reported it to Zwift, but they don’t seem to be responsive to the issue. I find the nearby riders info to be very distracting and a really annoying display issue.



Same for me, I’d like to have it revert to not showing names when the HUD is off.

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+1 to hide names when HUD is off.

Also it would be nice if only one name for each rider was shown. Sometimes, depending on the position of the rider, the name appears twice, in the bottom of the screen and above the avatar. And if there’s a rider close behind sometimes the name in the bottom of the screen flickers.

I don’t really see the benefit of having the names of the people behind you showing anyway? if you have the power/hr graph at the bottom it hides them, it seems to randomly pick who it shows or not.

I don’t think it is needed for any freeride


And the “0 m” information is useless since you are already seeing the avatar.


Same thing happened to me today after receiving the 1.34 update on my PC.

Also after the ride clicking the menu button to then end the ride did nothing. The only way I could end the ride was by hitting the ESC key on my keyboard.

I have 1.34 on my work Mac, but it’s not on my Zwift Mac that is the one I mainly use.

How do I fix this? That’s very silly - if I have it on one Mac they should all get it.

It is a phased rollout.

On several occasions since the 1.34 update I’ve seen graphics glitches like we used to see a few releases ago. I haven’t seen this in several months at least. This picture is from a group ride today on RGV with 67 participants, though the group split up so there were not that many riders around me. I did not see it during my warmup on Volcano circuit with Miguel and a big group. I’ve also seen it a few times in the Titans Grove area. On one occasion the app crashed, which might be the first time I have experienced a Zwift crash (app closing spontaneously). This is on an M1 Mac running current Ventura.

Surprised it isn’t staggered per user - which is actually what I was getting at (and you missed).

So on the machine that does have it, that won’t get used at all. :roll_eyes:

It wouldn’t be impossible to do this per user for a particular platform.

I was 2/3rds of the way to Level 60 and now I have no idea where I am in relation to that. Also, I am no longer receiving double XP points as I should. I still have the 59>>60 showing. Where is level 60?

Zwift wanted to start rolling it out to certain platforms before others, so a per-user rollout wouldn’t have worked.

You are still getting double XP but enormously confusingly the XP value they have chosen to show, and only show, is only getting the correct amount.

There are 2 scores, the one you now see (rider score) is the total amount you have ever had, the one you can’t see (level up score) was reset to 500,000 when new levels were added, this score will get double XPs until you get to level 60 or it matches your rider score. but as they are now only displaying the overall rider score the in game display only shows the single amount for each KM/mile

also, is your orange bar no longer updating to show the progress through the level? has this also changed with this update? that seems like a very bad move if so.

UPDATE April 24

Zwift game version 1.34.0 has been released to 100% of devices on all platforms. .

Mobile OS users may have to visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store if your device isn’t set to auto-update apps. It may take several hours for it to propagate to all Apple and Google servers worldwide

I got an update on my desktop PC today (dedicated GPU, has run Zwift fine at 60fps until now), rode with a pace partner for about 8 minutes before stopping to pair a heart rate monitor, after which everything ground to a halt. I was seeing bikes with no riders and a fps of about 1 every 5 seconds…

Rebooted the PC and it’s running really slow even in the menu , particularly when trying to pair devices. Had to do a points race on my phone which was tricky! The ride also didn’t upload to Strava but unsure if that is connected.

Network is full fibre so shouldn’t be an issue, set up otherwise unchanged. Any other reports of similar behaviour or things I need to check?