Game Update 1.34 [April 2023]

1.34 became available to my two Android mobiles and our Windows 10 PC plus Surface Pro 4 in the last few hours.

Mine just updated (Windows 11). Only took about 90 seconds.

It’s turned up on my pc (which I don’t actually use for zwift due to lack of Bluetooth and it’s got a wired keyboard at least 6 feet away from where I zwift) however still not on my laptop, which is used for zwift

Mine updated as well. Did a 90min ERG workout and didn’t experience any major issues.

Same experience here. I usually know when an update hits because I get the permissions notification, but Zwift is showing version 1.34 today without getting the notification.

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Same here. Just launched into updating and no Windows authorization required.

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I have the same issue after updating this morning before my ride. All of a sudden I was at like 933,000 XP and level 59 but no indication of how far to get to level 60. I also only had 20 XP added per km. I am surprised that HQ does not acknowledge this bug and immediately fix it

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I’m not sure this is a bug but it is very confusing and badly displayed in my opinion.

You have 2 rider scores, an overall one and one used for levelling up (this is the one that reset back to 500000 when new levels were added).

The score you see now is the overall one which doesn’t relate to what level you are and increases by 20xp which is what you see.

The one you don’t see is the one used to level up and will still get the double XP of you have banked XP remaining (i.e. level score is less than overall score) but you won’t actually see it or be able to check it.

The problem seemed to be they used to show the level up XP (which is more useful in my opinion) but once you hit level 60 this stayed at 750000 and you had no idea what your actual score was so they got rid of this and replaced it with actual score which is okay for everyone accept those between level 50 and 60 with banked XP.

They should have show level XP them switched to actual XP when you get to level 60 or show both to avoid confusion but for some reason didn’t or couldn’t


It’s not sustainable to wait many months if not years to have new routes in Zwift. I hope the 9 months of code is enabling users to create their own routes one day… That way you can outsource routes to the community instead of a development team which costs money. Similar to how counter strike / half life / other games have done it.

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Same for me: still showing 20XP per KM.


I use the current Zwift version 1.34 on my Windows 11 system (i9-9900X, 128 GB Ram) and everything worked perfectly but on my last two rides (‘Out And Back Again’ and ‘Downtown Titans’ in Watopia]) no route progress bar was shown.

What can be done to get the progress bar back?

Thanks for your help!

Did this 100% coincide with the updated version?

Sadly I really can’t say - do you know when v1.34 was rolled out?

The only thing I remember that I did updates-wise was a firmware upgrade to my Zwift Hub but I don’t think this would cause this Zwift issue.

It’s been a staggered release so no set day.

I’ve flagged it for the moderators to look at to see if it’s an issue with the new release or not.

They’ll be able to see your details from the server side.

Thanks a lot for your help!

So I updated to version 1.34 on my PC this morning and then got into a PP group. I noticed that my XP points was no longer at 74204 ish with less than 10,000 XP to finally get to level 60 but instead I was at like 933,334 XP. WTF! Also, instead of getting double XP per km because I was well past 750,000 XP when level 60 was rolled out I only got 20 XP per KM. I have no idea what I now need to get to level 60 and why am I no longer getting double XP. I still see this on the menu screen 59>>60. When is this going to be fixed?

Well it finally found its way onto my laptop :wink: :rofl:, and i did my first group ride using it and all seems good :+1:

see my rather long winded explanation up the thread.


you are now seeing your total XP (including banked) your levelling up XP (the one that reset to 500000 when new levels were added) is still as it was and is still getting double XP - you just can’t see it which seems like a backwards step but that’s what it is.

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“Recently they made a second change to how the game displays newly-earned XP. But there was one problem: nobody announced it, and now it’s causing some confusion for astute Zwifters who knew how it looked previously!”

It’s not a bug apparently but once again Zwift seems to take something relatively simple and make it confusing.

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