Game Update 1.20 - December 16th, 2021

Apple TV can only have 2 BT connections I believe.

Did a short ride in Makuri farmland loop on my gaming laptop in 4k, i always have good graphics, but looked even better now and something with the light, looked very good anyway! :slight_smile:


Yes ride dynamics are continuing to be tweaked and refined.

I don’t have any specifics to share about Zwiftpower updates at this time.

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The previous system would take an automatic screenshot randomly between 30 and 45 minutes (which is canceled if you take your own). This change has the automatic screenshot being taken randomly between 15 and 30 minutes.

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Can I have an update on Windows 11 and Bluetooth lost signal support. I’ve cancelled my subscription until you can resolve it.

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Have a look at “Known Issues” section

Not sure what you are seeing but the release notes indicate Kickr Bike for each one.

Companion is once again connecting to Zwift while I am riding. It had mysteriously stopped several weeks ago.

Letters in the three Info boxes in the second screen are too big, at least in german and for my cellphone Motorola One Hyper, so the content (max and average values) can not be read. Furthermore the size of the boxes overlap the important rest of the screen.

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I rode it Tuesday and didn’t have any issues other than I’m super slow. 2021 Apple 4k Tv. Hope that helps.

Great! Looking forward for the new routes. Any visibility into improved gradient display? To me the most important thing actually…

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Lots of good news in here, so thanks for that but why, in the name of all things holy, do you insist on pushing out updates on a Thursday? Several team TTT rides screwed due to updating systems or half the team going one way and half the other because they are on different versions.

I know it has to be pushed out at some point, but on a day when half of Zwift is racing WTRL?

I may be overly pedantic, but if it’s the bike it’s KICKR BIKE. So when I read it, it was unclear if it was a bike connected to a KICKR, or specifically the KICKR BIKE.

And, honestly, having a weird quark that affected all wahoo KICKR hardware made more sense than something that only affected the KICKR BIKE. So I thought I’d ask the question.

I’m not so sure random is the right word… 38:11 every single time for me and my wife (at least prior to this update it was). :grinning:


Hopefully the artists have optimized things a bit, to improve framerates for PC users.

Nice try Eric!

Nope :frowning_face:


it would be useful if there was a comparison between best lap, like showing in front or behind of current PB

It does help! Were you riding on your own or was it part of a group ride or event?

After the update, I’m showing as being on a free 25km trial even though I’m a subscriber. Running Zwift on a Windows 11 laptop…any ideas how to fix this?

Hi @Simon_Clementson welcome to Zwift forums

I looked and it’s because your subscription expires tomorrow (US time), not because of this game update. If you need assistance with subscriptions questions, please use the Contact Us link on If you specify that you need help with a subscriptions issue, you’ll be routed more quickly to the right team of specialists.

FYI we don’t handle account / money-related issues on this public forum to protect your private information.

And my mouse is very uncooperative. Sometimes I have to turn him over and spank him for him to decide he better move the arrow where I tell him to! Sometimes so random!

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