Game Update 1.20 - December 16th, 2021

So should all non-SB riders expect a 1.21 version to fix this soon and not bother with the current update?

When will the driver blinking finally end?

I agree 100% Stefan. I would like to have a meaningful gradient display in the upper right that looks like the one on my Wahoo Elemnt on the “climbing” page. Maybe when you click on that section of the screen when riding zwift it could change from “next 2 miles route profile” to “complete route ride profile”.

On the profile box it would have the icon where you are in a fixed position with the profile moving across the page (just like Wahoo Elemnt).

Zwift could eliminate the overhead views of the route from that box. Who needs them!! The game is going to take you where it’s going to go.

The vertical scale of the elevation profile needs to be multiplied by about 4 or 5 it’s too difficult to discern where the hills are and what their difficulty will be by looking at the gradient.

I mean, you need to know that in order to know how to pace yourself on a climb or to knnow when to attack, right?

How do we get this fixed? It is the biggest thing that needs changing.

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thanks for posting – i’m going to try some firmware updates!

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Am I doing something wrong? I launched Zwift, but didn’t get any update. A check in my windows system tray shows this? (not 1.2 or anything close to that)

@Wannie, that is the launcher version. You have the latest update, Windows forces the update so you have no choice anyway.

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Update: Connectivity issues seem resolved this morning. Can’t tell what changed if anything.

I’m on ATV and don’t have this issue, but, a friend in the UK on an iPad does get the Alpe crash. This is the first mention I’ve seen so it’s good to know she’s not alone!

@Wes And once again, no compatibility with the Wahoo Direct Connect. Why is this taking so long? You’re also failing to reply on when this will be available.

Maybe there was an explanation in the past I’ve forgotten about, but it does seem confusing that the “game version” is actually two different versions.

If Zwift post a thread saying “we have released version 1.20” but the system tray says “Game Version 1.0.100241”, it’s easy to see where that confusion comes from, even if a forum thread somewhere says “1.20.0 (1.0.100241)” is the latest version.

It gets more confusing when on iOS, version 1.20.0 is actually 1.0.100231.

I dunno, but it’d seem a good thing to me if the game version and build number/tag or whatever it is were aligned.


Hmm weird. Usually I get a “Zwift needs to install update” dialogue and then I wait a bit while that happens. Also, checking the native app in my program files I see that it’s dated 12/14 – 2 days before this update went out?

Thanks for clarifying David :grin: I honestly wasn’t sure. I’ve asked questions twice in Zwift chat while riding and got nothing but sarcastic answers. Once I asked what the squirrel on a bike floating in the air was. (thinking it was something similar to objects worth points in Mario). I got several replies including, “perhaps it’s a visitor from another world” but I’m still wondering about it LOL :joy: I’ve been on Zwift about 3 weeks so I’m still learning. Have a great weekend, David.

It was changed in February.

Personally can’t see how it’s easier. The system tray should probably show the 1.xx version number if they want it to be less confusing for folks.


right on, they aren’t following their own set of rules… classic Zwift!

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Can we get an update to use the new hard buttons on the new Apple TV remote? selection of routes/workouts is still very difficult given the need to use both hard and touch sensitive directionals to choose. a switch to using hard buttons for all would be much appreciated!

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When might there be a fix for the 46 km/h issue that happens when only two or three people are in a meet-up? I have had this happen several times over the past year–on multiple platforms: AppleTV and MacBook. I have had it happen in France, Watopia, and Makuri Islands; I have had it happen with different riders involved; I have seen it only start to affect the ride when people drop out and the group size is reduced to two or three; I have seen it revert to normal when someone joins late.
I have submitted bug reports more than once and more than once felt I was brushed off. Most recently the second-level response was that it is “working as intended.”

The “ERROR # Z117 , FILE “Patcher.cpp”, LINE 602” error message at the logging screen is back again with this latest patch (December 16th). They made an update that had fixed the problem for the past 2-3 weeks, but it seems that error message wil be back at every single new game update. That’s starting to become annoying, all the more if I have to wait 10 days again to be able to log in…

Hi @Cathy_Smith_89
It’s a little off-topic in this thread, but to answer that question: from what I’ve gathered, Scotty the Squirrel was an early Zwift mascot that still crops up in imagery across the platform.

I know what you mean about some in-game chat appearing (or being) less-than welcoming, but don’t take it to heart. One person’s innocent attempt at levity while working hard on the pedals can easily appear as sarcasm to another.

Also, there is a very high proportion of non-native speakers of English who are making the effort to communicate in a foreign language. That process can make nuance its first victim!
Unless someone is being pointedly insulting, I try to just give fellow riders the benefit of the doubt.

It takes time, but scouring these Forums using the search function can provide a wealth of knowledge that a new (and even seasoned) zwifter would not otherwise come by, so welcome and keep on zwifting. Ride On! :ride_on:


There have been bugs in the past where the random seed (generated at the start of your activity) is not random at all, and is the same dice roll each time you ride. Are your powerups also stuck with always getting the same power up every time?

I’ve never had that issue. Now that the time window has changed to be shorter, it will be interesting to see if it becomes random or just sticks with a new specific time. I’m going to guess it will be the same - my wife and I both did a ride this morning and both of us the screenshot was at 18:11