Game Update 1.18 - October 20th, 2021

Might not help but you’re already out of date, there’s been a patch to 1.18.1.

For reference; and yeah was just posting up an “issue flag”.

AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT, 32GB DDR4, Sapphire 5600xt (latest AMD drivers), windows11 :wink: , system running entirely off NVME SSDs, during Zwifting I’ll only run ANT+ off pc. Latest version of Zwift patched this morning, hadn’t been on during week. Have also completely reinstalled Zwift.

I’ll try again, and see what happens and report back. Have just done a 5km then 10km on Zwift Android, all ok.

Ha, I wondered if was the same chap from the group. :wink:

Yeah there’s absolutely no reason you should be having crashing issues based on those specs. Beyond the known problems, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the game on PC. Are you running any overclocks on your CPU, RAM or GPU? Zwift is incredible at causing system crashes even if your OC is stable in literally everything else. So back those off if so. If everything is stock then I’d suggest you have another problem, possibly hardware related.


absolute disaster after the last update. I have never had problems. But today power drops ( with ant and bluetooth),
all data disappears from the screen,… i use Android app.

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Ha back, yes indeed! :slight_smile: I didn’t even make the connection.

For note, I’m putting this down to the AMD drivers and latest Zwift. Grabbed the latest AMD drivers, not relying on Radeon software to detect, and reinstalled - then complete Zwift reinstall. Managed through a complete course. I’ve not touched anything else.

Def one to watch for early Win11 adopters, especially if coming from Insiders.

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I was lucky enough to fly once. I felt like ET!

Patch 1.18.1 installed.
Is there a workaround when the U turn select is busted. I’m not in a near a sprint and it does not work. I’m just out cruising and forced to quit ride as I’m up against a climb I don’t want.

Hey, after adding the update, my Zwift won’t sync with an hardware. This is a real pain. Had to use Rouvy to get my ride done.

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Hi Fernando, I have the same issue. Super frustrating. I’m only had 1 hour free from my family today and I spent it forking around trying to get Zwift working.

Well I’m working fine less for the scroll bar on routes, but mouse wheel solves that. :+1:

Thx for reacting fast on the reported bugs. Some hours ago I seemingly applied the update. It seemed to me that my heart rate was monitored slightly higher than usual.
So far I have never had a maximum heart rate higher than 194 bpm (and that was year ago). Today according to zwift I had 201. Well, I went deep at a point, but…
Affected activity: 931956171676319760
I wouldn’t report that, if Eric Schlange would not have written somethin similar about his yesterday’s race…
Platform: Win10 with ANT+

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Does the “plan” involve rolling back the change that prevents you being able to make a U turn , or just to stop you experiencing any issues if you try ? There are surely better more robust solution to the stated exploit ( like making sure the user went through the start and has followed the route ) rather than a dirty solution that removes ability to change direction (and without any UX feedback on feature being locked out) .

Read the post that is specific to this issue.

Thx Zwift for ruining my vEveresting attempt. Did all day preps, after 1 ADZ did u-turn and the game was hoax. Unable to go faster than 24kmh… Quit. DJEEZES.


No sound using ATV[quote=“Wes, post:1, topic:558866, full:true”]
Hey Zwifters, we have released version 1.18 of the game client, which includes a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

The update is available for download now on all supported platforms (PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Apple TV).

If you are planning to join an event on your next Zwift session, please make sure you log in a few minutes early to download the update to get access to all the latest features.

New Features and Content

  • Added the Le Col Training with Legends workouts, 12 in total. These workouts will become available on November 1 2021 at 00:01am GMT.
  • Added new Workout of the Week workouts.
  • Added the Liv Langma SL Advanced Disc and Moots Vamoots RCS to the Drop Shop.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue which would sometimes cause long straight lines to appear on the map during route selection.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause a crash when returning to the home screen after ending an activity on PC and Mac.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Zwifters to be unable to use their phone as a steering device on Repack Ridge.
  • Fixed an issue which caused dialogue to go missing on the first ride tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where gravity would play favorites with some lucky Zwifters, giving them the power of flight. Since Zwift is not a flight simulator (yet?!), we had to put a stop to that.
  • Fixed an issue which caused a delay in the Pace Partners appearing in the home screen.
  • Fixed an issue where pedal assist would not activate when joining a Pace Partner in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed Zwifters to do a quick u-turn on a route and get the achievement for the reverse version of their current route.
  • Fixed an issue where Bluetooth devices could not be detected for Zwifters running MacOS Monterey.

Update 1.18.1 - October 21st, 2021

We have released a small update to 1.18 to address two critical issues. This update is currently available on PC, MacOS, iOS, Android and Apple TV.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause Zwifters to continue moving while in the pairing screen when they should have been stopped automatically.
  • Fixed an issue on MacOS which would cause large black boxes and other visual anomalies to appear on screen.

If you encounter anything unusual with this update, please post in the thread below.

See you in Watopia, Ride On! :ride_on:

If you believe that Zwift’s HR measurement is wrong, just try recording it with another device (e.g. your watch or a Garmin/Wahoo/etc) and compare.

Lots of people already do that (check dual records in the Analysis tab of any big race in Zwiftpower). I haven’t found any HR discrepancies there so far.

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I am having huge problems logging into my account via Apple TV

When entering my details ( user name / password ) with the remote it returns to the log in screen when I use the down key. This is always on the second press. It is randomly placing * in both the user name and password box. It also does this when I try to use the auto populate function for my email

Re-installed Apple TV and Zwift and still have the same issues…remote works perfect with other apps.

Zwift ver 1.18.1 ( 85684 )
Apple TV OS 15.0 ( 19J346 )
The model is A1625


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Today in Zwift Bugs: everyone else in world keeps blipping in and out, including the pace partner I wanted to hop on with. I caught CC and then she was gone and suddenly 30 seconds ahead of me as if the draft was on another plane of existence.

That sounds like you were having an internet connection issue.