Game Update 1.16 - August 19th, 2021

They’re mostly fixed. Still flickers annoyingly at times.

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Are you sure it’s a bug? Are they still programmed to turn off at specific times?

@Wes and still no support for Wahoo Direct Connect. All other major platforms support this.


We’re still working on it. Want to be sure that connection is rock-solid before we put it out.


There are several reports from users that can’t pair their controllable trainer separately from a second power meter on the bike. If that’s happening to you - please join us on this thread already under way.


Definitely a bug. If you select to follow them from the menu, you will continue to follow them unless you change your direction. She left the group following her!

We’re on it. Should be resolved in the next major release.


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Trek Madone bike has a constantly spinning back wheel. In both garage and on course before starting to ride.

I was experiencing a significant lag when expecting ERG to increase power on the workout I completed after updating the app.

Using the Tacx Neo 2T. Firmware is up to date.


Sounds like the ANT & BLE dll file updates are causing the usual array of connectivity issues.

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Me gustaría hacer dos peticiones, la primera sería poder cambiar de la modalidad bici a correr sin tener que cerrar la app, y la otra es que los mensajes en pantalla durante los entrenos, podamos elegir el idioma de nuestra región… En mi caso en español… Gracias

Awful - so many drop outs. Apple TV & Elite Suito - got the Elite kit (am I bothered?!) but completely unrideable now with constant drop outs and also feels less accurate resistance.

Shouldn’t have updated.


Can you fix the 2 star aero rating of the Cervelo S5 2020?

I don’t know if you’ve actually ridden one (I have S5 team Sunweb) but they are very, very fast.

I’m not sure what made Zwift think that bike is so slow…


The amount of money Cervelo gave them.


Noticed around London (the backside of the Flat loop after the tunnel and before Knightsbridge). The road surfaces around Pedestrian crossings are raised from the surrounding road. Made for a good cx course

Maybe. A friend of mine has the Venge S-Works (he is also very fit and fast) and on the S5 I have no trouble staying with him despite me being lighter and less powerful on the flat. It is really fast.

S5 should actually be one of the fastest road bikes in game alongside the Venge.


I did a two-lap race today and it showed the total amount of KM remaining on the right side of the horizontal bar.

Maybe they’re not showing how many KM are left in normal rides since they don’t know how long the user will stay on the route. But I think your idea works if showing missing KM per lap instead of total.

An issue I can see is when the rider does turns although in this case it could show remaining KM for the default path until a path change occurs.

Personally I don’t mind much the way it was implemented. Adding more stuff to the screen might clutter the UI and I don’t know what people in general feel about it. Having as optional would be good though.

Sometimes I just want to pedal for a bit and I wish I could hide everything except top-left corner which helps me in keeping a constant RPM and an eye on my power.

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So no game dashboard in android tablet app after update? Every time your company does an update, this app user experience gets worse and worse. I could care less about new bikes and wheels - just make it work. No sticky watts, no everest challenge at 300k+ feet, game dashboard iasues. Fix those first…not to mention android landscape still not being available

@Ben_W You may be on the previous game version. Can you confirm you’re on version 1.0.78621? If not, please update following these instructions. Once you’ve done so, can you confirm here if you’re still seeing the issue with the Madone? Ty!