Game crashes when entering pairing screen during a ride

This happens on two different windows devices Ihave so don’t think it is a hardware issue.

After I start riding if i go back to the pairing screen the zwift game crashes and just closes down without saving. Ihave the latest update and have ridden and saved rides so everything else is working.

I is especially annoying as Zwift seems to randomly pick between the FE-C and non FE-C version of my trainer so if Idon’t notice before Istart riding there is no way to change it.

I have previously been able to do this but not since the update before last.

I have gone back to the pairing screen with out issue, just did it today, Windows 10 1909 latest updates (not latest build)

What BlueTooth device are you using and what are you pairing over it?

All the latest updates? Windows, Vid card, motherboard bios, ?