December update crashes for RUN

Since I applied the update to my Windows PC, RUN crashes right after the pairing screen. RIDE is fine, though. Same problem on my wife’s PC.

Anybody else have this issue?

What is the version number of Win10 that you are running?

Yep, crashing for me too since the update I did tonight. I’m on Windows 8.1. I can log in to bike though.

I opened a support ticket and sent them a crash log report from my PC. Hopefully that will help them resolve this quickly.

Same thing for me on Windows. I was able to complete a run through a couple of work arounds after numerous crashes.

After logging in, make sure you’re on the “Ride” pairing screen and click “skip” so nothing pairs (anytime I would skip on the run pairing screen, zwift would crash). Then on the next screen go to pairing and switch it to run. From there I was able to pair through the companion app, select a workout, and proceed to my run on the guest world. Any time I would select Watopia, the game would crash. Maybe if you skip through the “home” screen and proceed to a ride in Watopia, you could switch it to a run in the pairing screen after being placed in Watopia, but I haven’t tried that yet.

I was able to complete a run workout in the Zwift Tri Academy, and have it count towards my progress. Hopefully this will help those looking to complete the academy, or those just wanting to run in zwift.