FTP Ramp Test added to workouts

(T Harradine) #1

Hi, would it possible to get the FTP Ramp test added into Zwift workouts so Zwift can do the result calculations for the rider? It’s available in TR so would be very handy to have in Zwift.

(Andrew Smith) #2

I think this would be great as I can rarely motivate myself to do a FTP test, and when I do I often don’t finish it. (I don’t think I’ll be the only one!)

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #3

This look like a good idea, it will also depend if TR has some sort of copy right on this, in witch case you will have to do your own math.

(Gleb Chugin #adoptdontshop) #4

By doing FTP test you also build up your fatigue resistance.

FTP test should be treated as a workout, which then can let you understand your 20min power, which also can give you a rough approximation of your one hour power (which in reality will be a bit lower than calculated version, especially if taking in count your: “I often don’t finish it”).