Do you think Zwift should have a FTP test?

Most definitely. I would expect the people spending this much on dongles and power meters and trainers would expect an FTP test.

Yes, FTP is the basis of modern training. I would think the Zwift environment would be an ideal setting for testing FTP indoors.

Agreed. FTP testing would be great. Plus, it could be used to tailor the AIs to each rider.

I’d say more important than implementing an FTP test is to have a way to set the FTP. Most of us know their FTP or have tools to the test the FTP already.

Yes - and this should knock on to the structured training (which would then be built as %FTP required through various time intervals).

Yes, A FTP test would be a great thing to have a rider would need to determine their FTP for the structured training!

Absolutely. FYI, I liked the one Wahoo uses.

Yes. I’d see it as needed to complete any sort of power based training software

Absolutely. This is at the top of my request list!

I think an FTP test would be nice, but I definitely like the idea of being able to enter your FTP to adjust AIs and for future training purposes. I also like the idea (posted elsewhere) of entering your weight … my anemic power output is better put to use on hills that way :wink:

Well, you get a 20 minute power number at the end of the ride (if you rode that long) so I don’t feel I would need or use a specific FTP test.

Also a RAMP test would be good to measure MAP.

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YES !!!

I would expect that Zwift would introduce that when structured workouts come online… There should also be various protocols for determining FTP, like the 2x8 minutes protocol, or the 1x20 minute protocol.
It should also include a proper warm-up period, guiding the rider through what should be a good warm-up



If not planed for already, you should allow support for erg files.