Setting my FTP

Hi all
Is there any other way beside FTP test, to get my FTP?
I don’t want to do FTP test now, as my newborn is not letting me to sleep at night, but also i never used a power meter and never did a FTP test.

I do have my max power.

First, why do you need your FTP? for racing or workouts or just riding?

For racing : Pick a race that has mass start (like Zwift academy) race a group higher than you think you are.

For workouts: I would suggest a FTP test but you can guess a value and if the workout is to hard lower it.

Just riding: You don’t need a FTP value.

You can manually set your FTP in the user profile menu where you enter your weight.

thanks. that make sens.
When i’ll have some good recovery, i’ll do test

I would say just do the test! Treat it as a short hard training ride.

What do you have to lose!?

I’m making the assumption that you are referring to the traditional FTP test that can last 45-60 mins. Instead of doing the traditional FTP test, why not do the Ramp Test which most times will be over in 15 mins.

You could guess at your ftp. Then just do some hard rides when you feel like it. Zwift will auto adjust your entered ftp number if you increase it during those rides.

just start with 2 or 2.5 times your weight in kg and see how hard or easy it is.

thanks all :slight_smile: