Test results

Workouts and plans are power based, plans start with an option for an FTP test.It would seem a fundamental provision to have the test results easily available. At present it seems you have to start a ride you do not want to do, go into profile and find your new FTP , if you cannot remember your old value , then you still do not know how you did. The excitement of a ramp test is not in the doing, but in seeing the result. Could this be a “companion” function please?
old value x new value y in the profile , achievements or some other section?

Your new FTP comes up at the end of the ride and is automatically updated, and I normally know what it was before the test and it’s easy to find in places such as strava

Thank you Martin, I did see the test result, but in my frazzled state, I soon forgot and had to look for the way to find it again. While it may be available in strava it would seem to be odd not to include zwift information in zwift because it is available outside zwift. The perfect platform would provide everything at your fingertips , and my request is just a small step in that direction