FTP check/assessment

(Kelly Latham AHDR (C)) #1

It seems that there is an opportunity to utilize average effort to assess FTP within the Zwift system. I have noticed that i often get ‘suckered’ into riding for much longer that id planned to on Zwift and it would be simple enough to look at my best 20mins and make an reasonable assumption about my FTP from that. Would there then be a way to utilize this information to ‘verify’ w/kg anomalies?

(Stewart G teamWBR) #2

If you are on Strava you can look at the analysis section and drag and drop over the part that looks to be your best power figures for 20 minutes and it will show your average on the laft side. Also I think the drop down Power curve figures on the training tab show an estimated FTP.

(Kelly Latham AHDR (C)) #3

Its easy enough for me to do external FTP check. But im not sure how well an FTP assessed using Trainer Road translates cross platform (Theoretically should all be the same). But my point was more that Zwift could use this information to potentially group/classify riders.

(Ron Sines [odz] B) #4

Seems like a reasonable idea, and there are plenty of uses for that data. Tour de giro is doing just that, it’s convenient way to track your’ fitness, and it’s not a bad idea to use it to set race categories.

(J O'Connor) #5

As I understand it Zwift and Traineroad use different ways of working out virtual power so you can’t use your Traineroad FTP.

(Karl Litterer) #6

You could import all your .fit files from Zwift into Golden Cheetah (free) it will show you a nice power curve by ride and cumulative curve for all rides in a given period. Check it out @ www.goldencheetah.org/