Frustrated, can't load World

Latest Windows 10, running latest Zwift on an Acer PC. Everything was working fine roughly about 1.5 years until today. Had the Zwift Hacks login script shortcut to logon and today, the PC went into Restart after successful login and paring when trying to load a world (Watopia, Makuri, New York). Deleted all hacks and did a fresh reload of Zwift and I’m still having issues loading world, either it hangs forever (5-10 minutes and I shut it down) or PC restarts. I did a bit of troubleshooting and if I hit “Just Watch”, it loads a world, then “return to me” and then I can pair successfully and all is fine. BUT if exit ride, it again hangs forever. What is going on, anyone else experience this? I’m not sure if this is the same issue as other claiming not to be able to log on?

Additional troubleshooting. I can successfully log in my wife and swap all 3 worlds today without any issue. This problem seems to be with my profile. I had done a clean reinstall to the best of my knowledge, even went into the registry and deleted all things Zwift and I still have the issues in my original post. Any suggestions?

Did you delete your prefs. File.

Are you talking about Zwift Hacks preferences? Then yes. If not where is this file located?

Thanks Gerrie, but it did not work. After selecting the world, it reset the computer automatically.

It seems like there’s still something else you need to delete.

When you log in your wife, is it still under the same or under a separate Windows account?

What happens if you simply rename the entire Documents\Zwift folder to something else and start Zwift (it will create a new Documents\Zwift folder)? If the problem is some kind of file corruption or file access problem in your existing Documents\Zwift folder, that could probably fix it.

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