Zwift crashing when loading worlds [February 2024] [1.57.3]

I have been using zwift for several years now, there have been constant updates and changes. I have now paid a considerable amount of money to Zwift. Yet the crashing when loading the worlds still persists. I have tried all the suggested fixes, the computer i am using is way overspec for the job. In my frustration of taking ages to get to this point only for it to crash, waisting too much time, I have started to use Bkool as well, this always loads quickly and has not crashed once.
I really feel that updates that focus on fluff should be replaced with work on speeding up loading generally, and making sure there are no crashes. This should be a mature platform by now, without these problems.
It never comes up with any error message, so not much point asking for those,
I will be back on Zwift tomorrow morning before work, I wont have much time so a crash after a desperately slow startup is very frustrating.

PC specifications?


If your computer is Windows, check for updating video card and GPU drivers, like NVIDIA for example. Another test is to install Zwift on your cell phone and also test.



Hi, @Peter_Russell I’m sorry you’re still experiencing crashing issues and I value the effort in trying to resolve this. Could you please confirm that your device is running the latest Operating System, Graphics Drivers, and Zwift App version? I’ve noticed you’re still on 1.57.3.

In case this scenario persists you can send us at your crash logs and game logs so we can look into them, if you’re not sure how to do so, you can take a look at this article. We’ll be glad to assist you!

On a healthy and properly set up system, even an older PC like mine will load Zwift quickly and be stable. If you can post detailed specs about your equipment you can get personalized advice.

A few generic tips until we know what you are using:

  • Turn off OneDrive or any cloud sync software that affects your Documents folder.
  • Turn off any anti-virus software other than Microsoft Defender
  • Turn off the video screenshots feature if it’s present in settings (only available for certain CPUs)
  • Apply all essential Windows updates
  • Never use mechanical storage for the OS or Zwift
  • Try an alternate video driver package if one is available from the manufacturer (not necessary for Nvidia - the drivers from Microsoft are fine)
  • Stress the PC with memory testing and CPU benchmarking software to see if there are latent hardware issues
  • If you are using Intel integrated graphics and have the option to install an Nvidia GPU, do it. Even a used one from a few years ago will be a huge upgrade. $100 is a sufficient budget and it could be even less. Prefer Nvidia over any others.