Free Ride feels way too heavy 🥵

Hello together, i´m new in Zwift and indoor Smarttraining. Doing lots of Sports and riding my Bike for a few years.
Did a FTP Ramp test to start Workouts in Zwift (FTP 234). All went very well and the Workouts are good. But when it comes to a Freeride sektion the resistance
increases so heavy.
When i drive with 60 RPM i have to push arround 250-300W it´s not possible do go for a easy ride for long time even not for a short time at all.
Hope someone can help me with that. Can´t do any Freeride session with this issue.
Driving a brand new Elite Suito, calibrated with the Elite app. Zwift on Win PC pairing with Bluetooth

Thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

My wahoo kickr snap is the same, it seems to ramp up the resistance as if it was in ERG mode but all I want to do is ride sometimes not always training

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Did you try to lower the trainer difficulty?

Yesterday I started the Gran Fondo trainingsplan. The ‘Welcome Workout’ also had ‘free ride’ parts. They felt harder then just riding without ERG mode.

BTW, a cadence of 60RPM is really low (if you’re not on a steep climb). Try to crank up your cadence to 85 - 95 RPM.

Hi, thanks for your Massage. I tryed it on min and Max value without Feeling a different

Hi Alex, when i try to crank Up the cadence to 85-95 i have to Push 400-450 w constant. Im in the smallest Gear i have.

Problem solved by a Update i got from the Elite Support.

Hi Alexander , i am having the same problem. Could you give more details how i could solve the problem ? How and where i can find the update … ? Thanks

Hi, I was in contact with the Elite Support. I send them my log Files and after they checked them, i got a Update file. After the Update since now i have No Problems at all.
So maybe you get in Touch with the Elite Support.

Hope they can Help you!