Free Kids Accounts - Guardians Please Read

NO!!! this cannot be true. I did fill in a consent from in April for my three sons. After a couple of months I receive a single email asking issuing the consent form. my mistake of ignoring this, of course. however why sending another consent from after just a couple of months??

However no reminder… I just energised them to do the TdZ, today they scheduled stage 8, but … teh accounts are gone!!! They are gutted, I promised them a great reward on finishing all stages. To be honest I am really disappointed as well. This was good exercise during home schooling. This is my biggest disappointment since joining in 2015.

I filled in the consent forms again, I hope it can be rectified.

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Please read: Can't Log In to Your Child's Account? Guardians Please Read [January 2021]

@Diederik_Westerhof also please read.

Thanks Paul. Like many parents I have read it now. But likely too late.

I have spend many times in the past giving ideas, supporting early developments in Zwift. I have been relatively an early adopter and have been around since 2015. I love Zwift for riding, I love the social part, although this was probably more significant in the early days.
However I do no regularly read the forum announcement, I rather log in on Zwift to ride. My kids do as well, often I am around to support them. Apparently Zwift regards a 2nd reminder or some kind of pop-up as a overkill of information. In addition, were the consent forms I filled in in April 2020 different? why are these outdated, or was just the Zwift data system not up to date???

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I received the message de resubmit the consent form 14 dec 20. i did resubmit it the same day.
I had a confirmation from zwift the 20 dec 20 telling me :

Your child is all set! We’ve added another 12-month promo code to their account for when their current promo code ends.
No need to do anything else, once the previous code expires, the new code will immediately kick in.

I did not receive other message after that.

We try using the account the 6 feb 21, but it was deleted.

It seem i did not make a mistake…


Well this is the response I’ve had from Zwift, but after checking my email journal, they have definitely not send me a message warning that this had to be done.

I posted on the club Facebook page (it’s a youth club) , and quite a number of children had been deleted and the response was always the same… ZWIFT HAS NOT CONTACTED ME!

It seems they have not been contacting guardians regarding the update…

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Over the past several months we have been working on updating documentation around child accounts to meet compliance requirements. During this time, we have made several attempts via email to contact guardians requesting an updated consent form and warning of account deletions should we not receive the updated form.

While we delayed deleting accounts and attempted to reach guardians who had yet to submit an updated form, we needed to move forward in meeting compliance. We couldn’t delay the account deletions further, and your child’s account was deleted during this process.

We cannot reinstate the previous account or all previous progress, but we can offer a new account and at least update the level to what was previously achieved. We recognize this may be disappointing, but we would still like to offer you this option.

If you are interested in recreating the account, please visit and submit a new consent form using the email address previously used for your child’s Zwift account. Once we receive the form, an agent will reach back out with directions on how to access the newly created account.

Please let us know if you have any further questions, and we will do our best to assist you and your child.

Thank you.
Daniel C.
Member Experience Agent

wanneer ongeveer zou ik kunnen rijden heb het zondag ingevuld.
met vriendelijke groeten Thibo Maertens

Hi, I can now understand why my childs account was deleted, but i never recieved any emails and niether did my childs email account to which his Zwift account was linked, i also know of sevral other children in my cyclieng club who ha d theior accounts deluyeed without any notice. In teh meantin i completed a consent form, but i woudl l.ike to know if you will be able to undelete my childs account as they were Level 12 with approx 750,000 drops in the bank.
Apreciate your busy but have not recieved a rsponse in teh last 7 days, which is upsetting for my child,as they can not enjoy Zwift. regards Mark

Hi, our kid’s accounts were also removed a couple of weeks ago. We’ve filled in the consent form and contacted support well over a week ago without any non-automated response so far. Is there anything more we can or should do to help?
They too had their accounts for a few years (2017) since we started as paid members, and have invested a lot of effort in their achievements, kit, jerseys and Zwift Power team with one only having a single stage left to complete this year’s Zwift tour. This has been great for them under lock down, but from the number of people affected I fear a generation of keen cyclists have upset by this and unable to cycle when it has been most needed due to the lock down, weather and lack of other engagement. Please could this could this be looked at as soon as possible, whether new accounts are needed or not, and let us know if there is anything more we can do to help?

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How long are the accounts taking right now? My request, including completion of the new form went out 9 days ago on Feb 9th. I did get a thank you email so it would seem that it was received.

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I reached out repeatedly about child account being deleted or inactivated on Feb 9. Have not heard one response except auto replies saying zwift got the request. Child or myself have never been contacted about updating any consent forms despite getting marketing emails from Zwift routinely. Folks on my child’s bike team also having same issues. Can ANYONE respond??

Nope. Have heard anything since the account was deleted on Feb 9th and multiple submissions through the special form they set for “help” with child accounts.

The cynic in me thinks that Zwift HQ regretted offering free kids accounts once it realised the take up level would push support costs over budget. Even more cynically I expect we’ll soon see a move towards monetising kids accounts.

Uniformed speculative opinion only.

I am totally dumbstruck that you didn’t email parents about this. My son just tried to log in and without warning (having Zwifted about a week ago) his account has suddenly disappeared. I cannot seem him wanting to rejoin if his data and progress has been deleted, that’s two lost child customer’s and very likely both (paying) parents lost too.

Oh, I would have been happy to pay for them too. In fact I originally setup my oldest sons account as a paying account and only ended up with a free account because I couldn’t get it to work and Zwift customer support told me I could do it for free.


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Still waiting for Zwift to get back to me about my daughter’s account after filling in the required consent form.

I’m ok with her losing her past data, I just want her to be able to login again and get Zwifting during lockdown :slightly_frowning_face:

Only thing you’ll get is a fresh new kids account with the previous level achieved and amount of drops they had. Plus climbing meters and collected kilometers. Nothing more. No challenge achievements, no bought equipment, no badges. Just a “we are sorry and understand” bla bla. As written above: two kids are very upset and now turning away from Zwift. That hurts so much to re-start from almost 0, but I understand them. Going to quit my membership and the one of my wife too. This was a real cruel move.

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